What is it meant when we read in the scriptures the word beginning? Simply put, it’s the origin of; the first of its cause; the origin of its being. Many people will ask or have asked the question; who made GOD? The answer is found in the scriptures; CHRIST JESUS is the beginning and HE is also the ending. And everything that is has its first entrance into being because GOD/CHRIST JESUS caused it to be. Throughout the first chapter of Genesis/beginning discover the beginnings.

The heavens and earth have its beginning because they were created by CHRIST JESUS. Notice how the scriptures provide us with the plural of heaven. This lets us know that there is more than one heaven. The first heaven is the habitation of GOD where angels and those who believe in CHRIST JESUS resides, HIS heavenly and eternal Kingdom. The second heaven is the expanse which surrounds the earth like a transparent vault that allows us to see the moon, stars, and sun. CHRIST JESUS created the earth and with HIS own hands, HE created the heavens. Every human should have been told and should be told to the point that we know, much like we know our own name; this is to be told to us repeatedly so that it becomes apart of us that CHRIST JESUS created the foundations of the earth. GOD the FATHER speaks to us through HIS SON CHRIST JESUS who created the universe for everything HE created is HIS possession. The LORD CHRIST JESUS, in the beginning, created the heavens and the earth. I have written this repeatedly because I want every reader to know this internally.

I hope that many of you have read my previous blog which describes who the Word is. Because in the beginning the Word/CHRIST JESUS already existed. HE was not born to Mary as the first cause of HIS existence. HE already was from the beginning. HE was with GOD and HE is GOD. As GOD the Creator; CHRIST JESUS made all things and there is nothing that exists that was not created by HIM. Because of HIS great love for HIS human creation, CHRIST JESUS came down from heaven, HIS heavenly Kingdom, HE got off HIS throne and took on the likeness of mankind. As a human living with humans, JESUS is full of grace and truth. HE made it possible that HIS glory was seen which was received from HIS FATHER because CHRIST JESUS is the FATHER’s only begotten SON. In a previous blog, it was written about being the begotten. The glory that JESUS possessed in the earth was not something that HE had received for the first time; CHRIST JESUS has always had glory residing in HIM because it was within HIM when HE was in heaven within the FATHER eons before anything was created by HIM. Through CHRIST JESUS; GOD created everything; the seen and the unseen; authorities; rulers and spiritual powers. GOD created everything through CHRIST JESUS for HIM. CHRIST JESUS existed before any and all things and when in union with HIM all and everything has its proper place. It was the commandment of GOD through CHRIST JESUS that the heavens came into being and it was HIS spoken word that the moon, stars, and sun exist. GOD through CHRIST JESUS is the Creator of all things. Mankind cannot create anything because everything that is discovered or made through and by a man already existed because of CHRIST JESUS; it is impossible to say that mankind is the creator of anything because we do not have the ability to create without the use of what CHRIST JESUS had already created. I dare any human to create anything without the use of what CHRIST JESUS already created. Humans cannot create something out of nothing as CHRIST JESUS did. And in our discovering anything means that the existence of it was there such as electricity and gas and such. It was simply destined to be known by those that we have read in the books of history.

It is CHRIST JESUS who spoke in the ears of John that HE/CHRIST JESUS is the beginning and that HE is the end; the first and the last. So, if anyone has a dispute with who created anything especially the earth because the earth was not caused by some big bang theory; people did not evolve from some evolution. Take it up with GOD because HE is the ONE to make this claim. Science can explore and after many generations, they too are becoming aware that the galaxies and earth were created by a Creator that is not human. And that there is no substantial evidence that what is studied regarding creation was developed by some unknown explosion that caused what we know exist because we are living in and exist as the creation of GOD. In the beginning was the Word/JESUS and the Word/JESUS was with GOD the FATHER and the Word/JESUS is GOD. HE created in the beginning.

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