In correcting others we are to do so not out of anger but it’s just to cause that person to stop doing wrong and to be set in the way which is right so that they will be set straight. Our LORD GOD as our FATHER corrects us so that we will be comfortable in HIS truth. The standard in which we once had we realize that it’s worthless and we decide to get right with the teaching we receive from the Holy Spirit and get comfortable in His just standard. When we are able to receive correction people of authority will take notice. Be ready to be invited to places or to be in the company of people we never thought to go or to be with. When this occurs we will want to have manners that will not bring shame but will be a delight. We obtain well manners not only from our elders, school, or at home but we also obtain manners from the Holy Spirit as He teaches us that which is correct to bring about change in our morality. In our morality that has been blessed in CHRIST JESUS provides us with principles that coincide with the truth. And, our language when spoken in an agreeable tone and with choice words of wisdom in CHRIST JESUS without having to quote scripture to everything but to just speak with established usage.

Beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we now know that our FATHER is not sitting in heaven ready to clunk us upside the head with a baseball bat as we in our ignorance used to view HIM. Absolutely not, however, as we grow in HIM we will face correction from HIM from time to time. Speaking for myself, I know that I have faced HIS correction but in my thirty-nine years of living in HIM and HIS living in me, HIS correction is not like the correction that we receive from our parents or guardians or anyone else of authority. HIS correction pricks our heart and when we actually receive HIS correction we become happy and realize that in HIS gentle chastening of us that we are more fortunate than those who never experience corrections from their parents. Actually being reproved by our FATHER causes us to realize that we have nothing to fear of because HE is doing what a loving father or mother is supposed to do with their child. Those that have been corrected by the FATHER knows what it is like to be disciplined by HIM. This is my belief and no one has to agree with me, but for me when I was corrected by the FATHER, I like to think that HE had gotten enough of me exercising my free will to do what I need to let go of. When I make the choice to let a thing go which is a part of my life that maybe I’m not aware is of my old sinful nature. Or maybe it’s something that I’m struggling with that I love to do, yet, I know that it’s not pleasing my FATHER and HE steps in and removes the desire for me to continue in my mess. I find that HE never cleanse and disinfects that part of my dark heart without opening up the windows and restoring that part of my heart with HIS essence, with something that is beneficial to my spirit man and I begin to notice that I don’t even miss that which HE threw out. HIS children do not despise being corrected in discipline and reproof by the FATHER as we are with our parents or those who are in authority. Because we know that HE does so out of HIS love for us and HE delights in HIS children. Unfortunately, because most often when some parents think that they are correcting us it’s often times out of anger, or because we are in the way of what they prefer to do that you have caused irritation and they begin to scream and yell then hit. All of this is most often not out of love but out of selfishness on their part. First, we must have the tools to correct others and if we are void of that which is correct in our own lives, how can we rightly discipline the lives of others? Fathers or mothers, I always like to speak to those who fathered a child because the purpose of a mother is to nurture her child and the purpose of the father is to teach, correct, discipline all from love and not through the ignorance of being selfish. In this a child grows to respect and depend on the love of their father.

Dear siblings, we must face the fact that we have nothing to fear from the LORD. We have already been judged never to be judged again. We securely walk in our freedom of HIS love. I had to write this because so many of my siblings are afraid of GOD and it does not make any sense, how can we serve, and believe that HE loves us if we are scared of HIM. We are to have a reverential awe of HIM which leads us to desire to please HIM out of our obedience toward HIS Word. And realize that in the study of HIS Word we gain discipline.

Peep this, only the prideful and rebellious hate to be corrected by anyone let alone GOD. The only instruction they gravitate towards is depravity and they are without discipline. In the Bible, we find the word scoffers and without knowing what the definition is we may believe that they no longer exist. Well, we are incorrect because we witness scoffers each and every day of our lives and we ourselves may be guilty of being a scoffer. Those that ridicule, mock and curse/use of profanity towards others are scoffers. There is nothing wrong when we mock others and they are aware of it just for fun. But when we imitate others for the sake of hurting them then we have crossed the line. Today, we live in a time where manners are absent and being rude is now the normality of the world. CHRISTians regardless of how others will test our emotions we are to refrain from being rude, speaking sarcastically and cursing others out. I know I struggle with being sarcastic because to me it’s as though before a person speaks they don’t think before allowing the words to come out of their mouth. Most people who use sarcasm often have a very dry sense of humor and we really don’t mean any harm. Unfortunately, no one gets the joke but those who too have a dry sense of humor. So beware to never try to correct a prideful and rebellious person who believes no one is right but him/her. Each time we try to correct a prideful and rebellious person we will be insulted by them because they are not open and receptive to being corrected. And, when we work with people like this or are friends with a friend who get along with someone like this, it’s difficult for us to get along with them. There is always that air of contention floating around. We know this because when we have to communicate with a fellow co-worker who is like this before we have to go to them we try to do whatever possible not to speak with them. We may sigh and roll our eyes or speak to those co-workers who are near us that we have to go speak with someone that we dread dealing with. And, what about having a day or night out with our friends and they have with them the one who is full of pride and rebellion, we don’t have the full fun time that we anticipated having. We don’t want to speak with the individual let alone hear their voice. Understand dear one that we all have fallen short and just because we are saved does not mean that we should forget that in our foolishness GOD still loved us so we must show love to those that most need it. Also, understand that pride springs up from a person’s own opinion that they try to enforce on others because they believe that what they think and do has more superiority over the thoughts and actions of others. So be careful not to display anything other than love for everyone especially our siblings in CHRIST. Continue to walk out our discipline in the LORD. If you love knowledge than you love discipline because they work together.

Children, those of you who are being brought up in a loving home by godly parents. Do not rebuke the discipline brought on by your father. Hopefully, the correction that you have to face is not out of self-righteousness, or ill emotion. But rather the father or mother is trying to discipline you to set you on a right and straight course for which you will require and use throughout your life. The house which is ruled by un-godliness is the house that the children will be disciplined in foolishness because they have no direction and are brought up to be rebellious. Don’t misunderstand me because I am a fan of correcting children but I am not a fan of abusing children. Children are precious and at their birth, we are filled with excitement and we may have in mind all these wonderful plans of how we are going to be with them throughout their little lives. Then we bring them home and watch as their personality begins to expose itself. Today parents want to reason with their children or put them in time out. I just found out that timeout is what my mother called “go stand in the corner”. Children will do wrong we all have done so, children are a blank slate ready to learn what we instill in them be it right or wrong. If we want to steer our children on the path to which is right then we can’t reason with them or just place them in the corner. No, we must tan their bottoms not abuse their bottoms but they must be disciplined with what they call today corporal punishment. Whatever player. All of our hearts are deceitfully wicked and though some homes are ungodly it does not mean that the parent does not want the very best for their children. As parents, it is up to us to guide, teach, and train which sometimes will require that the child receives a beating from us. This type of discipline will drive out that particular foolishness but be ready because another one is lurking about and will show up. Not every wrong that a child does require us to beat him/her we must know that after we have spoken at least three times about how not to do something and what the consequences of being disobedient will cause. Children will not die from correct discipline by beating/spanking whichever word you prefer. However, crossing the line by abusing the child will. Actually, when we beat our children as a last resort we are trying to drive out and save the soul of our children so that they will not easily enter into hell by this particular wrongful action. Correct discipline in the lives of our children will bring about rest and delight for us because they will have learned finally the error of their ways. Never to repeat them again. And finally, as I share with my daughter that which unfortunately I believe I learned too late as I was bringing up my children. Don’t just tell your children what you want them to do, show them what we want them to do in our lifestyle. If we keep an un-kept home and expect our children to keep their room clean, forget about it. If we don’t want our children to use foul language and we let the explicit language out all over the place, we should not expect our children not to use profanity as well. If we want our children to respect other and yet we are disrespectful of not only ourselves but others too. Don’t become frustrated and embarrassed when our children show the same display of rudeness. We all children and adults learn from what we see more than by what we hear.

As children of the living GOD, we should make a request of our FATHER asking HIM to correct us as HE sees fit. Be open to HIS instructions as HE corrects us. Understand dear hearts that our LORD is with us to save us day by day.

Children of the living GOD, above I wrote that we must remember that in our foolishness GOD still loved us and that we should do the same to everyone especially our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. Don’t grow discouraged because we are affecting the lives of those that we see often by our actions and words. GOD is correcting those that come against us so be gentle with them. Finally, my beloved, we know that all scripture has been given to us out of the inspiration of GOD. GOD breathed these valuable teachings of HIS truth and we were convicted of sin. However, as our FATHER, HE corrects us of our faults and teaches us through training how to live right because we belong to HIM, HE has equipped us for every good work through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS who is our LORD.

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