I am a lover of a good mystery. Growing up I watched many of the film noir detective series of the 1930’s and still do on TCM. I’m a fan of such authors as well as the movies as Arthur Conan Doyle’s-Sherlock Holmes; Agatha Christies-Miss Marple (the black and white version a classic). I read Ellery Queen novels, Edgar Allen Poe’s-The Murders in the Rue Morgue; Charles Dickens-Bleak House; I call these novels the Alphabet mystery series by Sue Grafton and so much more. Today I find that American mysteries are not much of a challenge to me so I have devoted my mystery watching to British mysteries, I’m stumped every time and that’s a lot of fun. And what turned me on in my early walk with JESUS is that I found reading the Bible is a mystery as well. Part of it is written specifically to non believers and part of it is written specifically to believers. This is why reading the Bible is so frustrating to most people. To read the Bible you must have the right Spirit in order to unlock the mystery. The Bible is a Spirit breathed book it speaks directly to our spirit, not to our head and if our spirit is not awake we will never get the revelation that the Spirit will like to show us.

Here is a mystery that apparently is not understood. What better place to offer the invitation to meet JESUS and come to HIM than at a funeral. Instead, the life and mostly likely lies are spoken about the corps in the box or urn. That person has lived and died, speak to the lives of the congregation, and tell them the truth if the person is a believer or a non believer where they are.  This mystery which was written is to the believer so we can see the message. It has been revealed that all mankind will not go to sleep but all mankind will be transformed. This is to the believer not to the nonbeliever. JESUS, HIMself said that those of us who are still awake and remain until HIS coming will not precede into HIS presence. So what is this? You are a believer, you have gone to sleep, we are the one who likes to say that the person is up in heaven but this is not what JESUS said. We will be asleep in our grave until HE comes for us. JESUS will come down from heaven, the archangel will blast the trumpet of the Living GOD and the dead in CHRIST will rise first. And then all of us together will meet JESUS in the air and remain with HIM eternally.

The FATHER made known to us the very purpose of HIS will for HIS pleasure. But I guess HIS will and pleasure is not good enough, maybe this is why we change it to suit our will and our pleasure. However, the FATHER’s will and pleasure are purposed in CHRIST JESUS, not ours. So it really does not matter how many ways it’s said if it does not line up to what GOD has said it means nothing and it goes nowhere. JESUS is the only One who is able to establish and strengthen us in HIS faith which builds our faith because HE is the foundation of faith. JESUS reveals HIS salvation plan to the world but if we don’t adhere to the calling of the Holy Spirit and come to HIM, we will not be able to obey the Word in faith.

1 Corinthians 15:51; 1 Thess. 4:15-17; Ephesians 1:9; Rom. 16:25; Col. 1:26


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