Now That The Celebration Is Over

Part 2

We are supposed to be covenant keepers, but I think some of us have forgotten this, 1 Ki 17:38. We are nothing like the world because we have been set apart. Those in the world have no covenant or their covenant is to their own selfish and wicked desires.

But we are to keep GOD’s law and commands which are not burdensome at all and are driven by our love for The FATHER and JESUS. When JESUS gave us HIS final command “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I Love you, that you also love one another”. HE did not place a stipulation on that, meaning that commandment is not meant to be honored only on CHRISTmas and Resurrection Day but every day of the year. When we all come into agreement and live by HIS code then we will become a powerful nation again, we will live and recapture the place of promise where we are to live. But this all hinges on our obedience to the commandment. So, let our hearts keep HIS commandment.

As I wrote in part 1; we must not be like the world who will celebrate Christmas claiming that they are experiencing the spirit of Christmas. So, this is their temporary time of recognition that JESUS was born in a manger. But as I pointed out JESUS was not left in the manger; HE grew up and became a Man.

A Man who entered HIS ministry for three glorious years of demonstrating, instructing/teaching, praying, traveling carrying The Good News, and sharing that with the people. HE delivered people from demonic possessions and influences, HE set the captives free from the oppression that showed its ugly head in the form of disease, sickness, blindness, deaf, muteness, and lame. Then JESUS willingly took on all of our punishment for sin through HIMself being tortured and beaten. JESUS also willingly laid HIMself down on the cross, HE was not placed there and allowed HIMself to be nailed to it. JESUS hung on that cross for several hours suffering just for you. And when JESUS died, HE was taken down and placed in a borrowed tomb where HIS body lay for three days.

But on that third day, JESUS rose from the dead just for you with all power. But our remembrance should not be an annual celebration but a daily celebration. We should keep what JESUS did for us before those who are religious and before those who do not believe in JESUS until Christmas and what they have renamed the day to Easter. With this, they are trying to strip away what JESUS did and replace it with bunnies and eggs.

The world has forgotten its Maker The LORD JESUS. HE Is The One who stretched out the heavens and laid out the foundation of the earth, Is 51:13. The world does not know that JESUS has given a promise that when we believe in HIM that we will no longer remember our shame and we all have many things to be shameful of, Is 54:4. But what JESUS is saying to us here is that we may remember most of, some of, or possibly all of the things that we become a shame of once we surrender our hearts to JESUS. But what we will not remember is the sting that comes along with it. Be that sting to be anger or sadness.

Be on the lookout for part 3 of this article.


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