The only promise we can rely on is the promise of our GOD. HE will never break HIS promise to us. Every promise ever made to humans HE has kept. If we search the scriptures we will find that to be true. The most loving promise that GOD gave to us is HIS beloved SON JESUS who also promised us and gave to us HIS Holy Spirit also known as the Spirit of Promise or the Comforter.

One of the major problems we all have is the problem of “waiting”. We want everything now, instantly or tomorrow or no longer than next week, and heaven forbids if we have to wait next month but we endure.

JESUS told HIS disciples to “look” and “wait” for HIS promise which will come from our FATHER. Now the promise which HE was speaking of was the Holy Spirit and maybe some of us still need to look and wait for the Holy Spirit but there are also promises that JESUS have given to us that we must also look for and wait on. The problem is this, are we looking for them and are we waiting on them? The Holy Spirit gives us His power to endure everything from on high without discomfort, we have great inside knowledge and insurance.

There was a time and that time was before JESUS was crucified that the Holy Spirit only visited mankind. Scriptures prove that He was on them and not in them. Once His work was done He left. Now we have to receive Him just as we received JESUS. JESUS is the gift of salvation and the Holy Spirit is the gift of promise who is a Helper from the FATHER that He lives inside of us forever.

Glory be to the Most High GOD who gives us the gift of HIS Holy Spirit as our Helper in the name of JESUS. His job is to comfort us with teachings and remembrance of all things JESUS said to us. But guess what? He will not help us to remember if we do not spend time with the FATHER, how can we build a relationship if we don’t know the language of CHRIST JESUS?

When we know how to speak the language of CHRIST JESUS because we have a true relationship with the FATHER, then when we come to HIM and ask HIM for the promises that HE has given to us, HIS answer is yes and amen.

So don’t become tired of waiting on what you are asking for just because you don’t see it when you expect it. If it’s a promise from GOD it’s a sure thing it’s coming. HE has never broken a promise. So continue to speak in faith, never doubt, and never give up. No matter what things may look like and no matter how we feel, we are going to speak into existence just what the Word of GOD say it is and not what the enemy say it is or people say it is. Just be patient, have faith because we are the inheritors of the promises.   

Acts 1:4; Lk. 24:49; Jn. 14:16, 26; 2 Corinthians 1:20; Hebrews 6:12


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