We all love new, we get excited about the birth of babies coming into the world, seeing puppies and kittens, we even love the smell of a new automobile just to name a few of the new things that bring enjoyment into our lives. But here is something I learned during the 1980’s during the A.I.D.’s epidemic scare, too bad it no longer scare people any longer though it’s still an epidemic. Nothing new is under the sun, yes I know we have always heard this but how many of us knew just what that really meant? Did any of us know that the answer is found in the bible? Well, it is.

I found in the bible that everything, and I mean everything that we are experiencing or are just learning about like the epidemic of herpes and A.I.D.’s back in the 1980’s existed even back then. During the time when my parents were children, polio was an epidemic and there was no cure but it existed during the biblical times as well. As a student of the bible when I come across diseases I look those names up and find that we now call them something else versus what they called them back during those times. Yet, in the medical journals, you can still locate the original names which are found in the bible in the medical journals. Then they may not have had a cure and JESUS healed many that were tormented with these afflictions. Now we may have serums or some type of cure or maybe we don’t as yet but JESUS is still in the healing business of afflictions. And what about the actions of people? There is nothing new with that either, it’s that it’s more magnified because darkness is more evident in the hearts of people and the need of a Savior. Everywhere we look and most of everything we hear is the rejection of JESUS. The rejection of light for the comfort of darkness.

Yet the LORD GOD is compassionate towards us and unfailing, HE demonstrates them to us all whether we believe in HIM or not every day. But we may not recognize them because we are not looking for HIS mercies which are new every morning.

JESUS left us with a new covenant, a New Testament that was written in HIS precious blood. The blood of JESUS cleanses and washes humans from their sins, the blood of JESUS was spilled for everyone in the world to be released and forgiven of sins.

Ecclesiastes 1:9, 3:15; Lamentations 3:22-23; Matthew 26:28


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