Newness of life

2 Corinthians 5:17

When a baby is born he/she is a clean slate with the exception of what he/she has been hard-wired for. They are innocent and need to be taught. The same for the new CHRISTian they are new-born babes; innocent and need to be taught. Most of us when we came to JESUS did not get that instant all-purpose clean up that you and everyone who knew you could see and hear. That percentage is small; however, for the remainder of us folk; we have to be told and reminded that who we were and what we did before we came to JESUS is forgotten about in HIS mind; irrelevant; off the books; you’ve been found not guilty. So then what we are to do is to get into our Bibles and find out who we are and what we are to do with our new lives. We are to attend a church where the Word of GOD is taught; we are to attend Bible study and Sunday school. These things are very important to a new CHRISTian as well as an old CHRISTian. It’s here in church where you will hear what GOD has put in the heart of your Pastor for you and others. Bible Study and Sunday school is the place where you can ask questions and get help to understand what you are reading or what you heard the Pastor say from the pulpit on Sunday. Reading your Bible on your breaks if you are employed instead of smoking or gossiping is refreshing. Attending a study group led by an individual who will help you grow by not confusing you is another. You need all these helpful tools; because there are many cravings; desires and habits you brought over with you in your new life that may take a bit of time to move out of your residency/life. The more you study your Word and become confident in whom you are according to JESUS and trust JESUS to do just what HE said HE has done and will do. Those old desires begin to pack up and leave the environment and community because you have allowed GOD to invade areas of your life that darkness cannot dwell. Yet in all of this when those condemning thoughts come to you and they will; you must do one of two things.

  • Quote the scripture aloud until you are no longer bothered by those thoughts.
  • Go to the Bible and read aloud scripture until you are no longer bothered by those thoughts.

I just gave you two examples of how you can make the enemy flee from you or you will have to flee from the enemy. JESUS quoted scripture to the devil but Joseph ran from the enemy; Matthew 4:1-11 and Genesis 39:7-12. These same two scriptures will help you when people begin to tell you that you are something negative or try to remind you of your past. However, understand this; if you can’t remember or don’t know the appropriate scripture to quote for a particular situation to someone who is condemning you its best that you walk away. Your actions and your words will be your witness; when you don’t react but you are proactive; people will begin to notice the change. Get this sometimes people, places and things are not your enemy but you are. You may have to quote a scripture to yourself when you begin to doubt and are tempted. You may even have to surround yourself with positive people or attend a movie anything positive that will get you out from solitude. Remember you are a new you and you are to think, see, listen, talk, do and walk opposite of what you once did.

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