Redemption-Psalm 111:9

The CHRISTian has so much to be thankful for. CHRIST JESUS purchased the sinner with HIS own life. The debt is paid for clear and free with no worries. The sinner has been recovered from the clutches of the enemy. The sinner has been released from bondage and restored from captivity. Mankind has been delivered from sin and the punishment that is to follow which are hell and the lake of fire. Where the sinner will be in eternal torment with no exit; no way of escape; to remember and feel all of the consequences of death. CHRIST JESUS redeemed HIS people from sin whether you want to believe this or not. It would be beneficial for you non-believers to believe this so that you can experience a guilt free and acquitted life in JESUS. We are no longer bound by the death of the law and its stringencies. Anointed men of GOD dictated thus saith the LORD GOD and it has been the number one selling book for generations. The Spirit of the living GOD applies HIS Word to our hearts and we are shown our interest in HIS Word. We are made over day by day as we are transformed in the renewing of our minds by getting into the Word of GOD and applying HIS Word to our lives. We are forever blessed by HIS Word. We are enjoyed, comforted and have advantages within HIS Word that no one outside of HIS Word can partake in. Our redemption is not temporary but eternal meaning everlasting.

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