Our Conduct

Titus 3

What does it mean to you; to obey, be respectful and subject to all who are in authority? We older adults and or adults in the faith are constantly being watched by the young ones. It is important that we teach with our character and integrity how to obey, be respectful and be subject to authority. Our young people; be they believers or non-believers don’t show this to their elders because they don’t show this to themselves. Let’s forget our concept of what we believe obey, respect and subject means to us and look at these words in the dictionary and evaluate ourselves as to exhibiting these traits in our daily lives without thinking.

  • Obey / comply with, follow; conform, respond in action.
  • Respect / sense of worth or excellence of a person; a person’s manifestation in ability or quality.
  • Subject / a person who owes allegiance to a government and lives under its protection (we live under the allegiance and protection of the USA). A person under the control or influence of another; (we all have to answer to someone). Children are subject to parents, employees are subject to employers and ect.

When we operate in these principles without thinking; it’s because they are engrained within us. Some of us will have to be taught for the first time and others will have to be refreshed on these personable traits to have. These traits will cause us to become available to do good works for those in need whenever possible. Having these traits will keep us from speaking evil of others and to try and live peaceably with all. These traits will cause us to become more gentle and attractive to others and without trying the humility of GOD will be reflected in our lives. We who are believers must not dwell on our past lives; yet, we must not forget that we too had to come to the Savior. We too walked in darkness and was blinded and death in being lost to GOD’s wonderful glory. We must stop turning our noises up towards non-believers and love them as JESUS loves them. Be merciful towards them; win them with love; comfort them with honesty; yet, not being judgmental. We are all sinners who are being saved by grace and just because we may not have committed the act of a certain sin as another. Does not afford us to weigh in on if their sins are greater or smaller. Sin is sin and is non-measurable; it’s just as filthy as filth can be and greater than we can imagine. Our character and integrity must daily be transformed into that of JESUS CHRIST; showing kindness and love that comes from GOD who is our Savior toward all mankind. Our works is not what makes us righteous; JESUS CHRIST is who has made us righteous and it’s a daily application. JESUS is merciful towards us daily; HE is the one who saves; not our works. JESUS is the one who regenerate us with HIS washing us and renewing us by the Holy Spirit; who without Him we would not have the power to accomplish anything. JESUS pours the Holy Spirit out in us abundantly and we are justified by HIS grace. We are heirs according the hope of an eternal life with HIM. We can’t have tunnel vision looking at ourselves as being the one who is righteous because we have crossed every T and dotted every I. We are nothing but blades of grace which when dead is burned up in the fire. We are nothing to the point that the wind can blow us to and fro. But in CHRIST JESUS we are everything; we have the promises for our today use not our tomorrow use. We must affirm within ourselves daily that we have believed in the LORD GOD and we must maintain good works through HIM for HIM and not of ourselves. Stay in the mindset that we will reject foolish arguments or debates; struggle or rival against anyone who wants to maintain the law. It’s not worth it. When speaking on a matter; have a heart and mind to agree to disagree. It is not our job to change the mind of others; it is our job to present the living Word of GOD to others; to encourage and heal the wounded soul and heart; to provide living water to the thirsty soul and to present fresh baked bread to the hungry spirit. Salvation may not be witnessed by us but know that a seed has been planted; someone will come along and water that seed and the LORD GOD will get the increase; believe that. If and when it comes to genealogies; it’s wonderful to be able to trace your own lineage. However; when it comes to JESUS; don’t waste your time in proving whether HE is black; brown; red; yellow or white. Just know that HIS precious blood was shed at Calvary for everyone and all everyone has to do is to believe on HIM.  Stay in constant learning from the living Word of GOD; maintain good works through CHRIST JESUS and produce good fruit. http://about.me/amfbministry


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