Peace of GOD

Peace of GOD (Num. 6:24-26)

What is peace? Simply put; it’s freedom.

Freedom to do; to be; to go and to say; freedom to be free. I think that is awesome. What can be better than being free? People work so very hard to be liked; to fit in; to have; to go. Just to make sure that they are keeping up with other people’s opinion of us. This is not freedom and it’s far from freedom. Actually it’s prison; because when in prison we don’t have the privilege to live 100% within our own will. In prison there is a percentage of life a prisoner will adhere to because there is no other choice. When we willingly place ourselves in prison to keep up with the Jones’s we lose our freedom to be ourselves. GOD created us all to be individuals even what man calls the identical twin can actually be identified as non-identical if we looked closer or with the correct instruments. No two people are identical yet we force ourselves into this prison daily. There is great peace when we are comfortable with ourselves the way GOD created us. We should could care less about being popular; best dressed; having the latest hair style or whatever the case maybe. We belong to GOD and that is the greatest place to be. In the scriptures below as you read them; there will be some key words that should penetrate your conscience to let you know. You are okay and if you are going to improve yourself; improve yourself for GOD only. HE will take care of everything else; if you only believe that HE will.

  Romans 14:17; 15:13, 33; 16:20

1Corinthians 14:33

2Corinthians 13:11

Philippians 4:7, 9

Colossians 3:15

1Thessalonians 5:23

2Peter 1:2

2John 1:3

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