Who you with?


The former comedian Mr. Bernard “Bernie Mac” McCullough would always ask that question in his performance? Funny as the deliverance of the line was; as with most comics; what they are saying though funny should provide room for thought. How they overcame their tumultuous life; how we can relate to our own lives through the eyes of others with laughter knowing that we are not alone.

However, for the child of the Most High GOD; every single day we should make a choice to follow CHRIST JESUS. Ask HIM before we begin our day as we prepare for the day where will HE be leading us today? And decide at all cost you are willing to follow. Practice being quiet within yourself and when at all possible situate yourself for a time in a quiet place. We need this because the world is a noisy place especially if you live in the city as I do. And the older I’m getting that country heart of mine is screaming louder though I’m city native. I need the quiet; I long for the solitude to hear nature and the voice of my FATHER speaking to me at a moments notice.

We all must be careful of the company we keep be they family, professional or social. Any long period of time with anyone can transform us if we don’t continue in the relationship with our first true Love JESUS who will daily transform us. Remember that our flesh and our spirit will always be at war with one another. Our flesh will always remember what we once did and tempt us; however, greater is JESUS that lives in us than the (enemy of our flesh and the) enemy who is in the world; 1 Jo. 4:4.

We belong to JESUS; HE will always bring HIS own out; HE looks after HIS own. HE will not send us out to fend for ourselves; we don’t have to keep believing that lie of GOD will only help those who will help themselves. No, JESUS needs and wants us to totally rely on HIM just as HE totally relied on HIS FATHER. Go back and read all the gospels on JESUS; see how HE did nothing that GOD the FATHER was not in. We all must; I included must look, sound, speak, see, hear and move like JESUS. I and I hope you want what JESUS wanted then and wants now.

So many times we say we are following JESUS but if we are; then why are we being affected by those things that have nothing to do with JESUS? JESUS has brought us out; HE’s come and found us again somewhere we had no business being and he brought us out again over and over again. HE is walking ahead of us not to leave us but to lead us and HE’s close by enough for us to touch or speak with; we can even walk beside HIM. Here is a question we must ask of ourselves; how can we tell if we are following the voice of JESUS, self or the enemy? The answer is simple; are we doing the will of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS with the help of the Holy Spirit by the study and application of the Word? The race is not won by the swift but by the faithful and obedient. John 10:4

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