We all desire to be part of something, an association, clique, club, family, gang, group, and ministry and so on. There are some that we must choose wisely and there are some that we have no choice in the matter. Here is something that I will like for us to consider, what if we chose to look at people that we come in contact with daily. In our home, family, place of employment, school, church, neighborhood, and community and make them part of our life? What would we have to say to this?

In the Old Testament (pre-crucifixion) JESUS showed us that HE loved everyone in the world and there were some in the world that showed that they did not love HIM. One of the symbolic gestures used which was a demonstration of HIS blood that will wash us. Is that JESUS knelt down and washed Peter’s feet and then Peter requested that he be entirely washed clean. Since then, we have been exhibiting this ritual ever since. However, the point I will like to get across is this, we say we want to be just like JESUS and yet we are still exhibiting our old flesh like hang-ups with people. We don’t like them for this or that reason, JESUS caused people to be part of HIM whether they remained with HIM or not was on them. We are the ones who must show the ministry of CHRIST JESUS and allow them to be part of HIM through us. What acts of kindness are we doing and saying?


We are the washed one in the name of CHRIST JESUS. We are so quick to forget that once we had no part with HIM and now that we do we treat HIM as if being part of HIM is an exclusive membership only club. To HIM everyone is invited but know that everyone will not accept the invitation. We are the sanctified ones and we should desire those who are not sanctified to become so by getting washed by JESUS as we were and are being washed by HIM. We want others to experience justification as we are justified in the name of our LORD JESUS by the Spirit of our GOD. JESUS did not need any of us, but because of HIS love for us, JESUS wants all of us and HE wants more of us and it’s up to us to love and to go out and invite them in. Tell others what JESUS has done for you and what HE is doing for you by using HIS name, don’t be afraid.

We can be creative and send invitations requesting them to be part of JESUS family by believing in their heart that JESUS is the LORD and confessing from the mouth that JESUS is the beloved SON of GOD and is the LORD.

By this, we will know the Spirit of the living GOD because every spirit that will confess that JESUS CHRIST has come in the flesh is of the living GOD.

John 13:8; 1 Cor. 6:11


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