Here is JESUS a man who never thought evil or had one negative motive anywhere in HIS heart for people. JESUS wants to bring and point us back to the FATHER. JESUS wants to love us and HE does though HE knows HE’s not loved by some but hated.

It’s been spoken and written before by my ancient brothers in CHRIST as well as my present brothers and sisters and myself; that JESUS is the only One who did and could bear our griefs, in other words our diseases and sicknesses. However, we are guilty of hitting and wounding HIM with weapons, hands and words. I guess most of the readers are wondering, how could we who were not alive be guilty of wounding JESUS in the flesh with weapons?  Read Matthew 27:24-25, we are those descendants and every child born until the return of JESUS will be a descendant.

Because of the fall of man done so by Adam which caused all of the human race to become sinners. Without the knowledge and or faith in CHRIST JESUS in our hearts we continue to strike HIM with our unbelief of heart. The faithless are supposed to be afflicted with everything negative but not the faithful in CHRIST JESUS. No longer should those who have faith in CHRIST JESUS walk around with their heads hung low, no we walk looking straight ahead because we are not filled with sorrow and we are not troubled by the cares of this world.

JESUS removed those burdens from our lives so that we can walk in freedom and newness of life.  

Isaiah 53:4

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