Unlike those souls that are lost to sin, the children of satan. The children of the highest GOD have HIS face continually pointing towards us. Our FATHER is always smiling and shows us HIS favorable regards and grace from the moment we believed in HIS SON JESUS and received the gift of salvation throughout eternity. We will never have to be overly concerned about displeasing our FATHER to the point that HE will hide HIS face and no longer manifest HIS grace and mercy on HIS children. We have HIS peace. No matter where we are we will not be afraid. Our FATHER is the maker of peace and distress. But because of HIS peace we are not afraid.

We have the assurance of being able to sleep and awake because our FATHER bore the load for us. Because of this assurance and knowledge of our peace we live in the safety of our FATHER always.

Understand this when we have the desire to rest on JESUS, JESUS will preserve, keep us safe from destruction in HIS perfect peace because all the while our faith is found in HIM.

I have learned and continually notice as I learn that our FATHER is faithful even when we are not. I am noticing as I am watching those of us who are calling ourselves Christians but there is no fruit during turbulent times of unrest. I watch how Christians join in with the world during arguments, marching’s, protests, and the like about black lives matter, politics and racism. But nowhere in the bible do I find scripture for us for those things. With the exception of the destruction of Jericho. Most minds and hearts of Christians are not constantly at peace because we are not steadfast, committed and focused on both our character and position for who our GOD is and what HE stands for. Instead of mimicking JESUS we are quick to mimic the world. We have to trust and take our refuge in JESUS having our hope and confidence with expectation in HIM. Prayer has never failed and when we come together collectively with one united heart and mind to pray in the name of JESUS, we will see what our GOD will do for us.

When Mary gave birth to JESUS an angel came to some shepherds and told them about the Good News of our Savior’s birth. Then unexpectedly the shepherds saw and heard a multitude (a great in number, indefinite to count) of angels (heavenly hosts) praising GOD. “Glory to GOD in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” This is more than a CHRISTmas expression. The angels told us then and it remains relevant today and forevermore.

The world, the lost are looking for a peace that we have. Only in JESUS do we have peace. Those who are in and of the world will have severe affliction and distress of life. JESUS overcame the world and we are in HIM and HE is in us and as HE is so are we in this world. We too are overcomers of the world and all it has to offer. JESUS is our peace. We don’t need anyone to speak or pray on our behalf, we can go directly to the throne room before HIS Majesty our DADDY and speak directly to HIM our self. JESUS, HIMself destroyed within HIS flesh the quality of being an enemy of the highest GOD. The opposite of being HIS friend, the hatred that we once had for HIM. All of this was magnified in the laws of the commandments and the rituals that we once had to adhere to. Now that we are in HIS peace because we are reconciled to GOD the FATHER because of JESUS and the cross. We are justified by faith having peace with GOD through our LORD CHRIST JESUS.

Don’t expect the world to understand our peace, they won’t and they can’t. Just guard your heart and mind in the Word of GOD and through CHRIST JESUS. JESUS left us HIS peace, HE gives to us HIS Holy Spirit but we must be willing to receive by faith. He will make sure that our heart remains calm when everything around us seems to be falling down all around us. Don’t fear, just be at peace.

King of Salem

Priest of the highest GOD

W/o father, mother, genealogy

No beginning of days or end of life

Made like the SON of GOD

Priest continually


**King of Righteousness and Peace

Priest of the highest GOD

**W/o father, mother or genealogy

Is, the beloved SON of GOD

High Priest forever

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