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The FATHER Has Given Us Works To Do

Reading our focus scripture nearly caused my heart to palpitate. I saw something that most of us do not see but after reading this blog article today, you will have no excuse as I do not have an excuse.

Are we working on the assignments [deeds, miracles, works] that the FATHER has given to each of us? What are the testimonies that we have knowledge about of our character, integrity, and deeds that we wake up to not only do but they define who we are in the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS? When we obey the will of the FATHER over our will, HE will give to us a greater testimony from HIMself. The FATHER did not just testify about JESUS, HE testifies about us as well. As for me, I want to have a constant flow of the FATHER’s testimony. I will clarify for some who may not be aware of this fact: Everything that is done by us is either issued to us through the father [satan] or The FATHER [the Almighty GOD]. Whatever work that is given to us to carry out testifies to people to who we belong or who we get our orders from that we will obey. The very assignments that we do will testify exactly who we are. So, darling siblings in CHRIST JESUS we must be certain that what we are doing glorifies the FATHER and not ourselves.

The character and integrity that we have should exemplify JESUS who lives within us. People should be coming to us and either acknowledging that we are different and that we can do certain things with ease by faith that cannot be done by mere teaching or duplication. People should want to know why we are the way we are through their asking us questions and our providing them with answers. People who are non-believers, religious, or classify themselves as spiritual can tell the genuine CHRISTian from a pseudo-Christian.

Be not concerned that when we testify about JESUS and people refuse to believe us. We are in great company, JESUS taught and showed people who HE is, and some people refused to believe in HIM. So, it is proven to us through the scriptures that verbal testimonies are not enough alone, and demonstrations alone are not enough. Heck, oral communication and demonstrations together will never be enough for some people but do not become discouraged because the work that we do in obedience to the assignment that we have been instructed to do is all that matters.

We must develop our minds to glorify the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Ghost in the here and now by finishing the tasks that have been given to each of us.

When people know that we attend worship service faithfully, bible study, and spiritual conferences as often as possible. Yet, we do not do the works that the FATHER has given us, but we are doing the very same things that the world is doing, meaning that we are obeying satan rather than obeying the FATHER. People will not believe us when we speak about GOD because our testimony reveals to them that we are no different than they are. It may be possible that our verbal testimony may be enough for someone but it also may be possible that the work that we do may be enough for someone. When we are obedient to the tasks given, we will affect the life of someone.

Do not get lost in trying to figure out what our purpose is. I try to encourage people when they tell me that they are unsure what their purpose is. I ask them, “What is it that you desire to do, and are you willing to perform that assignment without being financially compensated?” After I hear their response, I go a bit further. Are you doing what you love doing? Most times than not people are doing what they enjoy doing. What do I mean by this? Let me provide you with some comfort, if you love to cook and this is what you do either in your home or as a career, this is your platform for the FATHER. While you are prepping and preparing the meal you can be glorifying the FATHER. Anyone who knows that you are cooking will know that you are praising the FATHER and will notice that in that area there is a peace that is not found in any other area of where that kitchen is be it home or industry. If you love to speak with people, I mean you are a constant chatterbox, you will speak with a doorknob if it did not look nutty. This is your platform; your voice is the tool that the FATHER desires for you to use for HIS glory. You do not need to speak about the FATHER and JESUS each time you open your mouth, however, someone, where you are daily, should know that you are proned to encourage someone through the Word of GOD. Do you carpool? Great, the passengers and driver should know that you have an encouraging attitude and that is attributed to your having a daily presence of gratitude. This is infectious. Lastly, are you an instructor? Super, incorporate this in the lives of people sharing GOD’s goodness. As for me and many others, I am an author of blogs that encourage, inform, and inspire readers. I prefer to write, and I love writing. This is my passion, and I am writing something daily whether I publish it or not. Most of my work is from years or months ago before I publish and then there are times when I write in the present time today and publish. I have never tried to write anything that does not encourage, inform, or inspire us as to who JESUS is and who we are in HIM. The things that JESUS did and is doing as well as the things that we can do through JESUS. So, whatever your career is if you love it this is where you are to work on your deeds from the FATHER. If you have a hobby that you love and most people that have hobbies this is their true passion. This is where you work on your task from the FATHER. We have no excuse for not being obedient to the FATHER. 

John 5:36 NKJV

Reference Scriptures: 1 John 5:9, John 3:2; 10:25; 17:4, John 10:38


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