As a baby boomer, I got to see the last of what I think were some great radical acts of people towards peace and non-violence. Most of these people may have missed the mark during those times of being called the sons of the LORD GOD, I don’t really know. But their motives were awesome. What I do believe, should I be right or wrong, that the very first that I lived through must have been orchestrated by the LORD GOD. The front man for the Civil Rights movement never spoke a negative word, he only spoke words of peace everywhere he went and he lifted up the name of the LORD GOD. They also sang hymns and gospels as they marched wherever their feet tread. So let me just list the movements that I lived through.

  • Civil Rights Movement – Peacemakers
  • Hippie or Love Movement – Peacemakers
  • The young adults that followed Hari Krishna, Gandhi and Buddha.

The hippie movement/love movement really existed but really exploded because of the deaths of the three prominent men of that time and the turmoil surrounding the Vietnam War and wanting it to come to an end and to send our troops home. Then we had those that followed Hari Krishna and they dressed in bedsheet’s jumping around with tambourines singing praise to his name, passing out daisies, speaking love and kindness. And the Gandhi and Buddha followers doing somewhat the something. The last two points were comprised 99% of college students who were still attending college, had dropped out of college, draft dodgers, those that had returned from the war maimed, lamed, or injured drastically some sort of way mentally or physically, they had become drug addicted, alcoholics and their hygiene was nearly non-existent.

So why am I including these onetime existing folks that now serve in our House of Representatives, in the Senate and in Congress? Well, because through all the haze and misdirection of what they were doing to themselves through sin. They seemed to remember the reason as to why they formed, the cause was to spread love and peace and they wanted to be the peacemakers. They went throughout all the communities speaking love and peace the thing is because they were so smelly and high, parents grabbed their young kids away from them and the older adults shooed them away as a nuisance. No one took them seriously. People considered them to be a major disgrace to our country because they were radicals speaking against the draft. Men wearing their hair long, them not bathing, and dropping out of school.  Those that returned home from the war due to injuries people that served in WWI or II thought that they were exaggerating about what was happening there. And thought that these Vets were just stirring up trouble, it was a difficult era. So, their effort was lost as was the effort lost for peace when the civil right leader was assassinated. Or was it!

Was he the only peacemaker? Were the hippies the only pseudo peacemakers? NO! JESUS said, “blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called the sons of GOD.” Are you a son of the LORD GOD, are you blood washed, are you purchased by the Savior JESUS the CHRIST? Then we should be peacemakers everywhere we go.

We should be making peace whenever possible, if we work, why can’t we be a mediator? Why can’t we be the mediator in our home, in the community or at least our neighborhood? I’m not writing about being nosey, I’m just suggesting that we put forth the effort of being more neighborly. We speaking to our co-workings about so much and we chat with our community, and our neighbors as well. So when we hear about or witness contention why not be the voice of reason instead of taking sides as to who is right and who is wrong? There is only One who is always correct and that is CHRIST JESUS and if what you see or hear does not line up with HIS Word then we must know in wisdom how to speak and bring about peace between all parties and sometimes that will have to be done without us having to use scripture that is so recognizable to the hearing ear of those that don’t know bible.

Being a peacemaker means that we must be like sheep who are in the sights of wolves but know that we are in the government of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. We are to be more cunning than a snake and as gentle as a dove.  

Matthew 5:9


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