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Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit-Hebrews 3:7

In various news articles that I have written concerning that the Holy Spirit does speak. I provided scriptures to back that up, Today will be no different, I have further scriptures to back up what the Holy Spirit has said that humans should take heed. Below are the scriptures chosen, revealing to us that King David was the chosen instrument to prophecy that JESUS would be emotionally tormented, mentally tormented, and physically tormented through beatings and verbalization. And that satan would use his instrument which he has used from the beginning, mankind.  

The Holy Spirit has said through the lips of King David regarding JESUS and judas iscariot the following, Ps. 69:4, 7-8, 13-21: Ref. to JESUS-those who hate ME without a cause are more than the hairs of MY head. Being MY enemies wrongfully; though I have stolen nothing, I still must restore it. Because for YOUR sake [FATHER] I have borne reproach, shame has covered MY face I have become a stranger to MY brothers, and an alien to MY mother’s children [Mary’s other children born of Joseph her husband]. But as for ME, MY prayer is to YOU, LORD, in the acceptable time, GOD, in the multitude of YOUR mercy, hear ME in the truth of YOUR salvation. Deliver ME out of the mire, and let me not sink, let me be delivered from those who hate ME. And out of the deep waters, let not the floodwater overflow ME, nor let the deep swallow me up, let not the pit (hell) shut its mouth on ME. LORD, YOUR loving kindness is good, turn to me according to the multitude of YOUR tender mercies and do not hide YOUR face from YOUR Servant, for I AM in trouble, hear ME speedily, draw near to MY soul and redeem it, deliver ME because of MY enemies. YOU know MY reproach [contempt, charged with faults in severe language, the blame for anything, shame, disgrace, scorn], shame, and dishonor. MY adversaries [enemy, hatred from the heart, antagonist] are all before YOU. Reproach has broken MY heart and I AM full of heaviness. I looked for someone to take pity, but there was none and for comforters, but I found none. They gave me gall [feces] and for MY thirst they gave ME vinegar to drink. [David prophesied about the Man JESUS not HIS divinity]

Ps. 109:2-5; ref. to JESUS-The mouth of the wicked and deceitful have opened against ME, they have spoken against ME with a lying tongue. They have surrounded ME with words of hatred and fought against ME without a cause. In return for MY love, they are MY accusers, but I give MYself to prayer. Thus, they have rewarded ME evil for good. [Nothing has changed] 

In ref. of judas iscariot: Let his day be few and let another take his place. [It was]

Look at that, King David in the natural never got to meet KING JESUS in the natural because king David lived and died before the birth of JESUS as Man. King David never met judas iscariot, yet, through the Holy Spirit it was said that his days were to be few and that he was to be replaced. This is a great example of faith, King David saw KING JESUS in the Holy Spirit and because of his faith in the MESSIAH, the Holy Spirit spoke through the King. The King saw what the MESSIAH had to be put through for our sakes and the King saw the instrument that satan was going to use in the form of man, and that man’s name was judas iscariot.

Now, when we read the scriptures we are able to see that what was spoken by the King through the power of the Holy Spirit had to be fulfilled.

The LORD our Maker is our GOD and HIS name is JESUS The CHRIST. For some it is the beginning of a new day for them to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. For others, we will continue to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The hearts of some will become the hearts of flesh, but for all of us, we have this warning; do not allow our hearts to become harden by spiritual dullness through strife [proof through emotional, physical, and mental exertion by the workings of the Law of Moses. Legalism, trying to prove self to GOD and others rather than resting in JESUS. This is what happens when we operate in strife; agitation, anger, becoming argumentative, development of hatred, require approval, making a contest of the things that is done/trying to be better than another, being defensive] and testing [in this instance, this is the negative because it means that we will willfully try the patience of GOD. Not all testing is negative. However, look at yourself, what do you do at work, in the home, in public, or school that you try to get away with? Look at your children, how do they try your patience?] Testing in the negative simply means we have seen and we know from experience what GOD can do, and what HE said HE will do. Yet, we try HIS patience when we rely on our self effort rather than the provision of GOD. We try HIS patience when we place our faith more on self and others rather than GOD. When we work GOD rest, but when we rest GOD works. Instead of joining the fault finding police squad, self reflects regarding the areas of your life that you need GOD’s help in, those areas that you must place your faith in to be delivered from. Do not fool yourselves in the flesh there is no perfection, though the perfect ONE resides within us and we are seen perfect in the eyes of the FATHER because the FATHER can see the blood and HIS SON on and in us. It is only those who remain rebellious through not having faith in CHRIST JESUS that will never experience the rest that we all have been promised and given.

Today, while there is still an opportunity, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking, what the LORD JESUS tells Him to speak. Today, if you hear or when you hear, do not harden your hearts.

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