Whoever, I enjoy speaking to these type of people because this is about every type of person imaginable and unimaginable. No person is left out of the equation because it’s not based on what we’ve done, it’s based on what we believe.

We can be the worst person in action historically living or dead and the result will remain the same, it’s based on our belief. Do you know that if Hitler had only believed that JESUS is the beloved and begotten SON of the FATHER and had received the gift of salvation, his heart would have been changed? And if  Charles Manson, while he is still breathing will believe that CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER, that HE is the beloved and begotten SON of the FATHER and will receive the gift of salvation. He too will have his heart and mind changed. I will even use Jeffrey Dahmer because some people equate him to be on the same level as these two men. I used these individuals for this reason because as far as I am aware of those are the people historical after biblical times that were the most corrupt.

So what does it take to become saved?

  • We have to Believe in JESUS

Why does the bible use the wording “should” not?

  • As an evangelist, I have a problem with people going out having people to repeat after them what is called a sinners prayer. Nowhere in the bible will we ever find this type of prayer. I will speak to a person, the “whoever” and not in a churchy type of way. We are just having a general conversation but because of the anointing on my life, it can’t be helped that the invitation to know JESUS and salvation springs forth. The important piece is that the “whoever” must believe in the heart not the mind but the heart. If that “whoever” “believes” in the heart than that “should” will be turned into a “will” not.

What does it mean for the unsaved to actually perish?

  • To die not once but twice. A natural death by any manner; disease, decay, murder, accident, hunger, famine, wither, waste, passing away, destroyed to nothing, to fail entirely, ruined, rendered useless, and being tormented. A spiritual death is being eternally sentenced to endless misery (hell and the lake of fire).

What does it mean to the saved to have everlasting life?

  • To live from the very instant of our new birth in a life that is lasting, enduring, forever, eternal, existing, continuing, without end and immortal with CHRIST JESUS and the FATHER.

The CHRISTian life is perpetual with excitement even in the difficult times. We have so much to look forward to and we can face every one of our life challenges because CHRIST JESUS faces them alongside us.

When we understand how in our funky slime and sludge of what we called our life, someone loves us so very much that HE was willing to take our much-deserved punishment. There is nothing that none of us will be able to ever say or do that will prepare us to come to JESUS with the exception of coming to HIM just the way we are.

The FATHER has already shown to every human on planet earth how much HE loves us. It’s unquestionable, I don’t know what else anyone can be looking for. JESUS was lied on, spat on, had HIS beard plucked out by hand, had thorns braided into a crown and pushed down upon HIS head, had HIS clothes taken off HIS body, beaten 40 times with a whip made from leather straps, iron balls, hooks, and teeth that tore HIS flesh from HIS back and left HIS back one large gaping hole. They marched HIM tired, hungry, beaten with no back to carry HIS own cross and no clothes on down and around the town to the place HE was to be crucified. HE laid down on that cross and they nailed HIS hands and HIS feet to that cross and HE took every single known and unknown curse, disease, illness, sickness, and torment onto HIS own body so that we would not have to accept any of what satan offers to us. HIS flesh was broken just for you. And HIS precious sinless blood was spilled just for you and HIS blood was then and is now powerful to wash us clean from sin. No matter what the action is, because it’s not about the action it’s about the belief.

So it is my sincere belief that every reader that has not believed that JESUS is the beloved and begotten SON of the FATHER GOD. Will believe that and this too will be believed CHRIST JESUS actually did rise up from the grave and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER.  

John 3:16; Rom 5:8; 1Jhn. 4:9


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