For me, Scriptures are the very best energy boosters any human should ever desire to intake before they begin their day. Scriptures provide us with encouragement, inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, history, romance, math, you name it it’s found in scripture. Often I find myself going back to the book of Romans when I feel the need for certain reminders. One of them being the need to know that it’s nothing wrong with being a wee bit stubborn about something when it has something to do with our families care and provision. As well as our dreams, goals, and visions and how we implement these to make them happen for us. Scripture uses the word perseverance and often times we don’t use scripture for our personal life. This is why we bang our heads up against the wall. I have for years shared with listeners when I use to travel and speak saying the best way to study your bible is this. Get the following item because these will become your best friends.

  • Bible
  • Dictionary,[antonym & synonym]
  • Concordance
  • Notepad or audio recorder

The reason I suggest the need for having my friends and believing that these items will become your friends as well is because they will cause you to view in your spirit and mind as you read the scripture. Every word that you come to that you don’t understand or that you do but you can’t recall the vast definition of a word the dictionary will help. The antonym and synonym portion of the dictionary will remind you of words that you may or may not use in your daily vocabulary that means the same or opposite of what is used. This will help in growth. Then there is the concordance which will help with reference scriptures and depend on how much you spend on your version you will get the best out of your concordance. The best concordance has Hebrew and Greek references to every single word in the bible, the history and so much more. Then there is the use of the notepad or audio recorder, you never know just when you will hear the voice of GOD speaking to you so you will want to record every word. When the Holy Spirit imparts wisdom, you will need to record that as well, write it down or audio record it. These are import tools and you will find yourself growing like a weed and becoming persistent.

Persistence in anything undertaken; continued the pursuit. And continuance in a state of grace to a state of glory.

What human doesn’t face difficult times in their life? We all do, and difficult times begin at a very young age and will remain throughout our life. No, we don’t experience them each and every single day of our lifetime, or at least we should not, but we do have them. The difference between the strong and the weak is the strong is persistent and the weak will lay down.

Dedicated people don’t listen to the naysayers. We face everything with endurance we just have a grit and moxie that is unsurpassed. And most people that don’t have that have problems with us. We keep going for what we desire because we know it’s coming.

I’m amazed at how for several years now when I visit ministry services that I don’t witness people being healed. Years ago, I used to see people being set free often and it became expected. This is weird for me. Because I know that none of us should be suffering from ailments. And to hear from the pulpit that a person does not have enough faith makes my stomach sick. Most of the people that JESUS encountered that were healed had no faith. And those that did JESUS said according to your faith or something relative to the fact of their faith but they were all healed. Now I do agree that some may not see an instant result of the manifestation of the healing right then and there but that does not mean that if an individual has been prayed for that the individual was not healed. As a matter of fact, we all were healed when JESUS was nailed to that cross because everything imaginable was given to HIM in HIS body. So when we are attacked we should know that JESUS already took that attack, the apostle of old knew that and signs and wonders followed their ministry. Every single person who is called an apostle if signs and wonders do not follow your ministry, you are not an apostle.

We all are to pray, every one of us. But the one who has the stamina the one who has the steadfastness to pray for the members of their families known and descendants. To pray for all those who have authority in their own country/government. To pray for all those who have authority, the community, the saints, and the world. These people are doing so not in their own natural language but in their spiritual language the controversial language, yes, they are speaking in tongues to the FATHER in all humility. These are our watchers and they are the backbone the unthanked and unnoticed by people.

So how do we become a person of perseverance of the Word that man/woman of GOD that we hope to be? A good servant of CHRIST JESUS is instructed, eat and digest in these ways.

  • Doctrine of CHRIST JESUS
  • The manner of life HE has designated for us
  • To know our purpose [that effortless thing]
  • To have and rely only on our faith in CHRIST JESUS and HIS Word
  • To be patient/long-suffering in all things
  • To love all people but to hate the sin
  • And to have the stick-to-itiveness.

People are always referring to how patient Job was during his tribulation. He lost everything, had some goofy friends and a retarded wife. And though he was patient during all that crazy chatter he listened to from his homies, he began to feel depressed and talk crazy himself. And this happens to us from time to time but notice Job reminded himself also in a later chapter of whom GOD is and that is what we must do as well. We must endure because we are blessed, shake that dust off and get that spunk back. When we are consistent we will see that intended end that CHRIST JESUS has for us. Why, because CHRIST JESUS is our compassionate and merciful LORD.

So lastly my dear friends, we ourselves must do the work and be driven and purposeful to add, that means we do this. Add to our faith, perseverance, and all the other wonderful qualities we find in the scripture.

Romans 5:3, 8:25; 2Cor. 12:12; Eph. 6:18; 2Tim. 3:10; 1Tim. 4:6; Jms. 5:11; 2Ptr. 1:5-6


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