Now That The Celebration Is Over

Part 4

Why is it that many proclaimed Christians do not celebrate the birth, death, and resurrection of JESUS throughout the year? Is it possible that they are still living carnally/by the appetites of the flesh much like the world does? If the judgment resided within me fully, I would say yes. Thank GOD that the judgment does not reside within me but in The Word of GOD. If I have any followers that are still living as the world does it is my hope that revelation knowledge is given to them so that they will change their minds regarding their lifestyle and habits. And, begin today to ask FATHER for help through CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit.

If every person who proclaims to be CHRISTian do so because they are possessed by CHRIST and not just because they profess that they know JESUS. The possibilities of what we together can accomplish so that the world will take recognition and not deny that we are who we say that we are; CHRISTian. Let us take a look at why we should be celebrating JESUS not on certain days of the year as the world does but daily. Because when the celebration is over the world forgets what they have said about the birth, death, and resurrection of JESUS and they will continue as they always have.

The annual celebration of JESUS reminds me of a quote that I had learned before I celebrated my first year of salvation in JESUS CHRIST. During the pomp and circumstances before JESUS allowed HIMself to be taken prisoner, HE was celebrated royally. The community came together and took palm branches and went out to meet HIM/JESUS, shouting, “HOSANNA!” “Blessed is HE/JESUS who comes in the name of the LORD/FATHER!” “Blessed is the King of Israel”! James 12:13.

The actual quote that I learned is “Hail HIM, Nail HIM!” This is what we all are doing annually when we are only celebrating JESUS then. We hail HIM and then we forget and nail HIM.

“We who look into the perfect law of liberty and continue in it, and are not forgetful hearers but a doer,” James 1:25. Instead of just reading this excerpt of the scripture, we should take notice that the scripture is making a demand on us. Notice that these four words require action: looks, continues, hearer, and doer. These four words should compel us to actively look, continue, hear, and do. It is not enough that we simply read GOD’s perfect law and then continue with our lives believing that we are living through JESUS.

So then, I began to ask myself why is it that we as a Christian family live as though we are defeated in this world? Is it because we do not know GOD’s perfect law? Is it because we do not know the commandment of JESUS that if obeyed, we will obey The FATHER’s perfect law? Let me see.

For any person who does not know who JESUS truly is by faith, this is who JESUS Is. JESUS Is The Light of the world, and we are to follow only HIM. By keeping and being obedient to what JESUS instructed us to keep doing, we will show the world that we are disciples of CHRIST JESUS. We live for and through JESUS because we know the truth and The Truth has set us free.

When we truly belong to CHRIST, we have no fear of being punished as the world will be. Holy Spirit gives us life that comes from CHRIST JESUS who has set us free from sin and death.

The Law of Moses is about performance and is too great in number to obey. Besides his law is not done by Spirit but rather by our flesh. It is through our disobedience that we make his law weak. This is why GOD sent to us HIS SON JESUS to be like we are yet sinless and to be sacrificed for our sins. JESUS did this so that we may do what HIS law commands through our obedience to Holy Spirit and no longer our fleshy desires.

JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit are one and it is the LORD’s Spirit who sets us free. Free to obey the law of CHRIST by helping those in need. Through our actions and by our words are we to obey the judgment which has set us free. We all are servants of GOD The FATHER, the sooner we come to realize this the sooner we stop doing and speaking that which is wrong and making excuses because we are set free. For example, “GOD is not through with me yet.” What we are actually saying is that we want GOD to give us a license to do that which we want to do which is carnal, to be like the world.

As we daily remember to celebrate the birth, death, and resurrection of JESUS, remember to get or remain humble. Get extremely low to the ground because this is true humility through JESUS. That we serve one another, JESUS left us an example when HE washed the feet of HIS disciples.

JESUS Is The LORD and our Teacher, yet HE did not come across as though HE Is above being a servant to the people. Regardless of our education, position, or title, we are not greater than JESUS who we are to follow and be HIS true disciples. We are to do as we were asked to do, and when we are obedient and do them, then will GOD bless our lives.

Be sure to look for Chapter 5 of this article.


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