Please the LORD GOD

1 Thessalonians 4

Brothers and sisters in the precious holy name of our LORD and Savior, CHRIST JESUS. We all are to live more and more than the day before to please the LORD GOD in all we say and do. We are to make a conscience effort to always realize that our DADDY is standing or sitting with us. And as long as we realize that HE is in our company; it should be effortless to be what HE desires us to be. When I was growing up my younger siblings taught me to use profanity as a teen-ager. Though my sibs and I chose to use profanity in our conversations; we never dared to use profanity anywhere near our parents or grandparents and for that matter around any adult at all. After we had reached adulthood; we still never thought to use profanity in or around our parents or elders. This helped me in some ways to discontinue doing certain habitual traits that I had formed growing up when it came to obeying the LORD GOD. If I had enough respect for my earthly parents and elders not to allow them to hear or see me doing certain things that I knew would upset them. Why would I continue to do certain things that I believe I could stop by sheer will because I know that the LORD GOD sees and hears what I allow myself to say and do? It was not very easy to just put on the brakes and stop saying or doing habitual things but I tried. Another thing that helped me stop was the love that was revealed to me by a caring friend who knew that I am not ignorant of education. So why would I chose to sully my verbal skills with words that were not flattering coming through the mouth of a lady and woman. My last example is a lesson taught to me when I was nine or ten that did not come to full fruition until I was eleven. My grandmother taught me not to lie and it has stuck. Though I have much respect for my parents and elders; my respect for the LORD GOD should be broader. As I read, pray and trust in the Word of GOD certain habits began to dissolve from my life. Then there were those very difficult passions that are normal, beautiful and given as a gift by the LORD GOD that I had years and years of difficulty to shed from me. For years I prayed and sometimes I actually thought that the LORD GOD must be telling me that this is my life partner and what I’m feeling for him is only natural so that it was okay to continue. But finally the Holy Spirit illuminated the Word into my heart where I’m convinced that what is natural, beautiful and a gift from the LORD GOD is not for me at that moment in time and the appetite was removed. This allowed me to please the LORD GOD with not only my spirit but with my soul and flesh. I have now given myself completely over to my DADDY spirit, soul and flesh to do with me as HE so wills and not my will but HIS will for my life be done. The will of the LORD GOD for my life is a life of sanctification so my last known struggle in life is gone because the Holy Spirit has given me the power to abstain from sexual fornication. I am learning day by day how to possess my own vessel in sanctification and honor for the LORD GOD in the name of CHRIST JESUS. My passion of the flesh is not my ruler and I owe my flesh nothing and no one. My true love is my DADDY who is my LORD GOD. I am not unsaved; I know the LORD GOD; HE is not a mystery to me and I will not beautify my past but tell it like it is. It is not my motive to defraud my CHRISTian family and I will not give my LORD a reason to avenge anyone because I lied. My past is an open book because I am not ashamed of where my Savior has brought me from and I know that someone will be rescued because I am willing to share my past and provide hope. The LORD GOD does not call any of HIS children to uncleanness; we are called by HIM to holiness. There is nothing that I am willing to say or do to reject my LORD GOD. I truly love my CHRISTian sibs; I don’t need to know each and everyone of the names, where they live or how to make connection with them. When I see you; I will recognize you and address you in love. The Holy Spirit teaches me to love day by day my CHRISTian sibs; it’s evident that the love of CHRIST JESUS is growing within me. I will do and say things that I know is not in my carnal nature to say and do; as a matter of fact it’s not my first thought. So I’m amazed at what I am compelled to say and do towards others. This is a great place for me to stand back and praise the LORD GOD for HIS faithfulness in CHRIST JESUS who has given to me HIS Holy Spirit that never quiets about what He teaches me concerning the LORD JESUS. I have always lived a quiet life but now I live a life filled with peace that causes a quietness that provides me an opportunity to hear the voice of the Spirit of the LORD GOD. It has always been my nature to mind my own business and that has never been more evident than it has been these twenty-six days that my daughter and her family have been staying with me. She and her husband have a contract with each other; my son-in law did not marry me. So what I witness if it’s something that I don’t like or understand; I keep my opinions to myself. My daughter is no longer my responsibility and my words given at the wedding was said in front of witnesses “DO NOT touch my daughter in an unloving; abusive way; emotionally, mentally or physically.” The LORD GOD is so very good!!

GOD (9)


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