Be a prisoner of CHRIST JESUS


This book opens up with Paul proclaiming that he is a prisoner of CHRIST JESUS. Never before today have I ever given that much thought. Take a stroll down our past for a very brief moment. We are born into sin; we are slaves to sin and we are prisoners of sin. Oh, some of us may never see the inside of a jail or prison; however, we were once prisoners of sin. Now that we are born-again; washed in the blood of JESUS we have had the bondage of those shackle removed. Though a prisoner of CHRIST JESUS we look forward to spending yet another day with HIM; talking with HIM; learning from HIM; a desire to please HIM; looking for people to witness to and help those in need. Encouraging our brothers and sisters in the faith of JESUS; praying always for one another; thanking GOD and refreshing our brothers and sisters as I’m certain you are being refreshed by them. Being a prisoner of sin is total bondage but being a prisoner of CHRIST JESUS is total freedom. I don’t believe there has been a human who has seen, tasted and experienced JESUS from within that has said, “I want to stop doing this or that; help me JESUS to stop loving YOU and living for YOU.” In sin, you get sick and tired of being sick and tired; you are always looking for away out. You are always calling on JESUS for something it’s just that in most cases when you call HIS name it’s just as common as calling on the name of Susan. It’s just breath coming from the mouth; then one day; when you are as far down in the pit as you can go and darkness is all around. We call on the name of JESUS not only from our mouths but from our hearts in faith and we get HIS attention. HE comes and takes those handcuffs and shackles off of us. Then somewhere in our walk of faith through HIM we joyfully become prisoners of CHRIST JESUS; free prisoners. Able to go and come anywhere we like but we consult JESUS on everything; we don’t have to we want to. Because of the love we have for HIM and the relationship that we are building we just want to include HIM and have HIM to guide us on what we are to do and where we are to go.


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