JESUS deserves to be praised by everything HE has created because JESUS is holy. JESUS is perfect, JESUS has a pure heart, and JESUS is sinless. But these are just a drop in the bucket to the character and integrity of JESUS. Do you know that JESUS is enthroned in praise? JESUS is sitting on HIS throne because JESUS is royalty, yes, JESUS is the KING of kings and the LORD of lords and the PRINCE of peace. Wow, a KING, a LORD and a PRINCE all at once. How many of us ever gave that any thought?

Some people want to just keep JESUS as the SON of GOD but we need to read, study and speak to the Holy Spirit and allow the Holy Ghost to teach / reveal to us just who JESUS is. Open up the box and let JESUS out, see HIM for who HE totally is. JESUS is the reason why we praise. Our praise is JESUS! JESUS is GOD!! JESUS is the Creator (read John chapter 1).

So when it is said “Praise the LORD” what we are really saying is “Praise JESUS”! So now that hopefully, I’ve cleared this up maybe it can be cleared up about the praise and worship time in our ministry service before the Word of GOD is spoken. Some people will not come to the music part of the service for various reasons, the music is dry and or dead (lyrics and or music). Or maybe some believe that this is not the most important time of the ministry, so as long as they are there on time for the Word they are there on time. It’s not realized that this part of the service set’s the atmosphere, it will either build or stall the faith of the congregation. When we sing praises that are inspirational, encouraging and a reminder as to who our GOD is it builds our faith to receive the Word of GOD and to be healed, get a breakthrough in whatever area of life we need and to share with those outside of the walls of the church. Not only that but GOD our FATHER enjoys the praise of HIS people, HE considers it beautiful and pleasant.

Just as we are attracted to certain types of secular music or poetry it is that way with Christian / gospel music or poetry. We give our attention to what we are attracted to, so when we are out there making our purchase for secular artist why not purchase Christian artist in the same genre, memorize their music and notice how inwardly we become more encouraged and inspired by more godly principles. Singing songs of thanks, another way to praise the name of the LORD is good.

So, the next time we hear animals making their animal sounds and we interpret them to be saying whatever we consider them to be saying. Consider this, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD”! And if they are praising the LORD, why not me?

JESUS will heal the sick before we believe we are saved. But it is impossible for the unsaved to praise JESUS when they do not believe in HIM. It was true then and it is true today in some cases, some people will not accept the gift of salvation until they reach the bottom of the bottom of whatever that will be for them. If it’s certain illnesses once healed they will receive the gift of salvation, and they will have a praise. Each of us has a praise for the LORD based on where we were when HE found us.

You know most humans whether they attend church or not have some type of understanding that newborn babies have a communication with heaven. We have said that their cooing was a type of communication with the angels or they are talking with GOD. And the thing is, most humans may just be repeating what they have heard passed down from generation to generation, not really understanding what and why they are repeating the statement. Much like why today why some believe it is required to circumcise a male? (circumcision was a covenant, between Abraham, and GOD). But what it is, is that babies and nursing infants do have a perfect praise until sin rises up within them and takes over.

We are the children of GOD and we trust in CHRIST JESUS so it should be our honor to praise HIS glory. And not only that we are bound to give thanks to GOD always because we are children who are beloved by JESUS our LORD because the FATHER chose us for salvation and sanctification by the Holy Spirit and by our believing in HIS truth.

It is by the grace of JESUS that we get to praise HIM over and over again. Just as we enjoy a sweet summer fruit on a hot summers day, giving thanks to the name of JESUS is far better. If we thought about the things we’ve escaped, the things we’ve achieved, the this and the that’s it’s all worth thanking GOD for because it is because of HIM that all things were made possible. We may have had to struggle to get through something but the fact is we got through it, we did not die in it, that thing did not swallow us up and kill us. In the name of JESUS, the FATHER rescued us and provided for us. As living testimonies, we must build up our faith with praise to GOD through JESUS who finds this acceptable.

Just to remind all of my brothers and sisters, JESUS is enthroned meaning HE is sitting on HIS throne and HE is surrounded by praise. From the throne is said “Praise our GOD” all HIS servants,(slave to righteousness) those who fear (highly respect, obey) HIM, small and great!

Psalms 22:3; Deut.10:21; Psalms 147:1, 92:1, 150:6; Jeremiah 17: 14; Matthew 21:15-16; Ephesians 1:12; 2 Thess. 2:13; Hebrews 13:15; Eph. 5:20; 1 Ptr. 2:5; Revelation 19:5


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