When We Need Advice


Genesis 41

Everyone needs good and sound advice from others in various areas of our lives. Unfortunately, most often when we speak that which disturbs us, or we speak the secrets of our heart, in the areas of our dreams, goals, ideas, and visions that we have, we share them with the wrong people. People that we know to be abortionists of others [not in the terms of killing babies in the womb] untrustworthy, unknowledgeable, without firsthand experience, and ungodly. What we share with one will become common knowledge to others.

When we need advice, I think that these steps should help us in obtaining the intelligence and wisdom that we need.

  1. Speak with GOD, ask HIM for clarity
  2. Look for those who have a reputation for being intelligent, wise, and have firsthand experience
  3. Look for those who know how to listen intentionally. This will help them to recognize whether or not your heart is disturbed or that you have an idea that you are seeking assistance for.
  4. A godly person that is known for providing sound advice will always give GOD the glory because they know that in and of themselves, they have no idea what the correct response to offer us.
  5. Once we have sought out the correct person to share that which we are looking to get intelligent and wise advice from. Speak plainly, give the entire account.

If we have been introduced to someone unknown to us before we speak that which is on our heart, we first must get to that place of being comfortable enough to share. Sometimes this means just having a conversation about whatever, getting the phone number and email informing the person that you would like to remain in contact, and possibly share some thoughts with them.

We all have things that either disturbs our hearts or dreams, goals, ideas, and visions that we hope to live out. The best people to speak with are those who are where we want to be and learn from them. Like duplicates like. We need to have people in our inner circle who are more intelligent and wiser than we are. No person knows everything.

If after we have shared that which is on our heart and realize that we need that person to work with us in our goals. In some cases, it may be beneficial for us to give that individual or individuals the proxy in whatever we decide to place them in charge of. Proxies are those that will act as a substitute on our behalf; have been given the appearance and authority to speak and do on our behalf as if we are the ones there. I would like to use this scripture that has nothing to do with JESUS being a proxy, however, before HIS ministry became public HIS mother informed HIM about how the wine had run out during the wedding reception. After JESUS answered HIS mother, she then looked at all the servants [employees, workers] and told them that whatever HE says to do, do it. Genesis 41:44; John 2:5. When we have given authority to our proxies this same rule must apply, whatever is said by the proxy is to be carried out.

Now, if we are going to use a proxy it does not mean that we should be ignorant of all that is going on. Stay in communication with your proxy, view the work that is being accomplished, making sure that the idea or ideas that were shared are being implemented.

  • Observe
  • Learn
  • Interact

Proxies will never be greater than we are, the visionaries. Be crystal clear about what we want our proxy to accomplish for us. Inform everyone involved that we have installed a proxy and that all concerns are to be directed to the proxy. Our proxy should we need to have one or more is there to help us in the alleviation of stress and frees us up to put our energy on those things that we can accomplish due to our intelligence and wisdom from GOD.


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