Who is your FATHER 4


Pt. 4

Mt. 15:13; 16:17; 18:10, 14, 19, 34-35

Do you know that true Christians or as I prefer to call myself; the Sect of the Nazarene [followers of JESUS the CHRIST] are not favored by anyone who does not want to hear the truth? When we speak the Word in complete truth; it’s against the popularity of how everyone else thinks and speaks. Whatever we continually hear; that is what we believe and that is what we will speak to another. So if a non-believer or a believer for that matter is unknowledgeable to the truth; this is what we will hear another say.  For instance; the body {flesh} has the symptoms of the flu and you continually say out of your mouth that you are sick. Not knowing and or believing what the Word of GOD has told us about our being healed. Sick is what you believe over healed. Yes, you feel horrible; yes, your body is feeling negative in every sense. However, what are we to believe; what we feel or what said the FATHER in HIS Word? You see life and death is in the power of the tongue. It’s not what we put in our mouths to say that is sinful; it’s what we say out of our mouths that shows the heart. How is your heart; is it clean or unclean? Do you speak what your heavenly FATHER or hellish father tell you to say? Have any of you ever wondered why is it that you can spend hours reading the bible and never get the revelation that others will get when they read the bible? The answer is a simple one. One may read the bible to increase the relationship that is already established between themselves and the FATHER; while another will read the bible as if it’s a novel. One knows that the bible is a living; breathing; life changing; instructional that is a must to have. So when that person goes to the FATHER; that person knows how to speak; how to ask questions for better understanding; will become so comfortable speaking with the FATHER that speaking to HIM is no different than speaking to our earthly father or those that we spend time speaking with. The exception is that we will get different results. The other will read; see and still not get the life changing experience because they will not speak to the FATHER about just ordinary life. What is going on with self; how self desires to be changed; asking to be changed so that JESUS is seen within. Depending on the very essence of the Word; this reader may come across a scripture and instead of applying it to the life of self; they are seeing how that particular scripture is beneficial to another. When we read, speak and apply the Word of GOD to our lives; the FATHER will speak back into our lives; we will actually hear HIS very voice speaking into our heart and spirit. When we know who our FATHER is our FATHER will tell us who we are in HIM. Let’s get real; when it comes to our children, some of us realize that all children are precious. Some of us see that some children are a nuisance. However; in the eyes of the FATHER be they saved or not, all children are a delight to HIM. Do you know that children have their own angels assigned to them? Yes, the Word has informed us that the angels of children are continually seeing the face of the FATHER. This is why when we see babies sleeping and laughing or smiling; we will say that the baby is speaking to GOD and it’s true. When a child is born they must learn their earthly language and how is this done? The constantly hear the language being spoke within their hearing. And as they continue to adapt to their earthly language they come further and further away from hearing the language of heaven.  Not realizing this, we miss the opportunity to teach our children about the love of the FATHER because maybe; we don’t know HIS love for ourselves. One way I found that was a great foundation in which I built a foundation for my children’s faith was to read to them the Children’s Bible that is formulated to look like comic strips. Then I would play for them children geared Christian programs such as Veggie Tales then there were the Christian songs that were sung by children only.  In constantly hearing the Word of GOD; they remember. As they grew I exposed them to various ministries that fed into their maturity and attraction such as Acquire the Fire. In all my attempts to expose them to the FATHER they learned. However, it was up to them to accept JESUS into their hearts for themselves. We must know that just because a person is born in America and is black does not mean that if that same child is adopted; taken to Korea and exposed to all things Korean that the child will know automatically that he/she is American; should speak American English and immediately know what it is to be apart of the black culture. So is the same for a sinner when born; just because the baby is a newborn and have done nothing sinful does not mean that he/she is sinless. Think back to the very first lie or the very first thing your cut little baby took without permission. Was this taught or was it already hard-wired into him/her? Sin is apart of our nature and whether taught or not we will sin automatically. But when taught to think heavenly, speak heavenly and live as heavenly citizens due to our culture; then and only then will we live as true citizens of the Kingdom of GOD who has been redeemed by JESUS. We already know how to live in the kingdom of hell because we think, view, hear, speak and live as hellish citizens. Our entire mind must be renewed and transformed into all that is heavenly. Take stock of yourself; who do you most resemble; your father or your FATHER?



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