Prepare for JESUS’s return

Matthew 24:23-27 & 29-31

On the day when JESUS makes HIS glorious return some of us will be ready. Those that will be ready will be serving The LORD while others will continue to do their own thing. JESUS spoke parables that gives everyone caution about HIS return; Mark 13:26-27 and Luke 12:36 & 37-40.

The Prophet Daniel also spoke about the return of JESUS in Daniel 7:13. Most people never consider that in the sight of GOD there are only two race of people; the Jews and the Gentiles. The Jews are GOD’s chosen people and the Gentiles are non-believers. However, there is also another fascinating thought there are twelve tribes and we are all apart of one of those twelve tribes. The book of Matthew and Revelation speaks about people as tribes and what will happen at the second coming of JESUS.

Ask yourself if you are ready if JESUS was to return today; in the next few minutes. What about your family and friends?

When we have a true relationship with JESUS we don’t want to keep HIS goodness to ourselves; we want to share HIM with others. Share your testimony; share your faith; share about HIS soon return. There are so many people who need to hear about JESUS whether they realize it or not. Use your abilities to speak to others about JESUS; don’t talk yourself out of it or allow others to do so. You are unique and you are not created to copy how another is about witnessing of JESUS. Also you do not need to be a clergy; deacon/deaconess; missionary or any other title. Just be a willing person who loves JESUS and realize that JESUS is the only true way to GOD. The book of Mark 13:32-33 assures us all that none of us know when HE’s coming back not even the angels or JESUS HIMSELF. If there is a reader who listen to and follow the wicked advice of people who inform about the return of JESUS on this day and that hour; I beg you to read the scriptures and seek GOD through JESUS and know the truth. Become clear in your understanding. Live for JESUS; look forward to HIS return or to your going to HIM before HE returns. We all will see HIM but we all will not stay with HIM.

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