For generations, heck let’s be more accurate for millenniums there has been people doing a lot of prophe-lying as well as prophesying. True Prophets do exist and there are not many of them, bless GOD I do know two or three so beware because this world is filled with prophet-liars.  The self-proclaimers, the novices or the man exalted ones. We need prophecy in ministry just as much as we need godly mothers and fathers to raise godly children in the home. So how do we know if we are actually hearing from our FATHER or if we are listening to a person?

  • Prophecy is not self, emotional, or human willed.
  • Prophecy comes as a result of people who are moved by the Holy Spirit only.
  • When scripture is used it’s the breath of the Most High GOD which is profitable and valuable.

Scripture teaches us

  • The Truth
  • Convicts of sin
  • Corrects us of our faults
  • Restores us to obedience
  • Trains us in righteousness
  • Conforms us to live in GOD’s will
  • We will develop honorable, personable, moral courage, character, and integrity.

And the final thing I have to write on the matter is this, the Holy Spirit can and will use anyone but that does not make one a Prophet just because you prophecied. So be careful before you call yourself such. Know that you are truly an anointed Prophet by the Holy Spirit first and your gift will be seen by others without you having to say a word. Just you holding an average conversation will reveal the anointing on your life. Or another will see the true and confirm what the Holy Spirit has already told you. When the Spirit of the LORD takes hold of your tongue and HIS Word is placed on it, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

I told you that I know at least two or three true Prophets of the Most High GOD, they are located here with me in the Washington, District of Columbia Metropolitan Area and if they don’t mind I will add their ministries to this blog.

*Apostle Tonya Mitchell

Nothing But The T.R.U.T.H Ministries

7432 Old Alexandria Ferry Rd


*Propet Robert L. Bryan Jr.

Sword of the Spirit Ministries

8601 Central Avenue
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

*Elder Bertrina Lyons

Now Faith Ministries

PO Box 627

Clinton, MD, United States 20735


2 Peter 1:21; 2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Sam. 23:2


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