• JESUS is our peacemaker. JESUS is the One who provided the peace that is needed between man and GOD. JESUS is the One who calmed the anger that GOD once had for humans. JESUS is our propitiation.
  • JESUS conciliated to bring us together with moral influence. JESUS leads us with HIS affection and goodwill hospitality. JESUS is the One who brings us together to a state of friendship. JESUS is our propitiation.

No human that has ever been born, is born or that will be born in the future will ever be sinless or have a measure of sin that is less or more. We are the ones who measure sin in the lives of people. Maybe every generation or millennium there maybe someone that we may consider to be so evil that there could not possibly be anyone that has been any darker. There was evidence of men that could have fit that bill written of in the Old Testament such as Nero, or Pharaoh. And then there are men such as Hitler or Manson. But the LORD GOD, my FATHER sees every sin even theirs the same as yours, mine and the baby just born though he or she has not committed the act of sin yet. Without receiving the free gift of salvation from JESUS who through HIS propitiation for us, it’s hopeless. We have to believe that HIS propitiation is enough, that we don’t have to do anything but believe, confess and receive. So many people view GOD as Judge and that’s correct but only if you are without JESUS. Without JESUS you are condemned and judged but with JESUS condemnation is no longer a part of our life and judgment has passed over us. We have received the propitiation that JESUS has provided for us. We have that peace so many are looking for, we have that friendship that so many desire. We can approach the FATHER boldly because we are HIS children. This is what redemption in CHRIST JESUS has gifted us. The FATHER gave HIS only begotten beloved SON, JESUS to the world (me) and HIS blood made us righteous. All we have to do is believe that the blood of JESUS has washed every trace, stain, DNA evidence and gene from us that we previously committed and what we may have thought to commit and what we had not yet thought to commit in sin. It’s gone! JESUS has demonstrated HIS righteousness so we may demonstrate our righteousness in HIM. JESUS is the justifier and we are justified in HIM, it’s the propitiation gift that keeps on giving.

JESUS is 100% Holy GOD and 100% sinless man, HE descended down from HIS thrown and clothed HIMself in human flesh to know firsthand just what man is tempted with, the stress of life man goes through, the needs of man and so forth. In this JESUS learned through wisdom mercy and faithfulness. In all that HE overcame without sin which is everything, HE became the only High Priest acceptable by the LORD GOD for us as our propitiation.

The sins of the people in the entire world the planet earth are great and getting greater. But JESUS came HIMself and became our much- needed propitiator.

If you have not gotten the understanding as yet, I don’t know how clearer I can make it. The FATHER LOVES you! None of us loved GOD and I don’t care how much we say we do we are lying because if we did we would have obeyed HIS Word. The FATHER gave us HIS beloved SON, JESUS as the propitiation for our sins to bring us to HIM. To bring peace between us and friendship.

Propitiation, do we have a better understanding now?

Romans 3:25; Hebrews 2:17; 1John 2:2, 4:10


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