1. Abraham

Yes, we are saved and anointed but we still go through some tough times. When going through these tough times have we ever recalled the story of old? When our father of faith Abraham who took his only son of promise upon a hill to slaughter him because GOD told him to do so. Yet, Abraham kept saying to those who traveled with him to stay at the bottom of the mountain until he and his son return. Which meant that by faith Abraham expected GOD to intervene somehow, he had no clue as to how GOD was going to step in but he knew GOD was going to be there with him. I mean think about this for a moment, Abraham had his own son go and pick up sticks to lay on an altar that he had planned to lay his promised son on. His son did not know this. After the altar is prepared the son ask the father where is the sacrifice for the altar then the father tells the son that GOD will provide. This tells me that Abraham had already gotten a rest in his spirit that he knew and remembered the promises GOD had made to him about his son. So either GOD was going to allow him to slaughter this boy and GOD was going to raise him up back to life or GOD was going to provide him with a sacrifice. Abraham grabs his son, I’m sure Abraham was looking everywhere for the other sacrifice as he was tying his son up and laying his son upon the altar. I’m certain Abraham’s heart was breaking as he unsheathed his knife and raised it above his head to come down on his only begotten son. Even his ears had deafened because he was in such pain to the point that GOD had to call out to him more than once to get his attention. And as a faithful FATHER HE provided for HIS son, there was a ram in the bush. The moral is, yes, sometimes we will find ourselves in the center of the corner, sweating, feeling the heat, feeling bound, and looking for the answer but we must remember the promise and know that our FATHER is faithful and HE is a provider.


  1. The Lamb

JESUS came into this world with a goal in mind and that goal was to take away the sin of the world and that goal has been accomplished. But it’s like the story most of us have heard throughout the years, a baby elephant, the peg and a chain. An elephant is the most powerful land mammal in the world weighing as much as 24,000 pounds with a trunck that is both agile and strong, it can pick up one blade of grass or rip off a branch of a tree. With its body, it can uproot an entire tree. Their tusk is a deadly weapon. Despite this, elephants can be enslaved mentally just as humans. Humans are GOD’s greatest creation, we are to have dominion over everything except each other and JESUS came into this world to save us and set us free. Yet, there are so many of us who are still enslaved by sin. Now let me share with you how elephants are enslaved. When elephants are babies, humans place a tight cuff with a chain and drive a peg into the ground around the elephant ankle. The elephant tries to pull but it irritates the skin and so the elephant gives up and as the elephant grows up it already knows that it’s useless and recalls the pain of trying. It does not know that it huge ability can destroy its entire environment. So the elephant remains in bondage. The human has been set free all we have to do is believe and receive, turn around and walk for some of us we may need to run away from sin and never return.We need to see JESUS as the Lamb of GOD. We need to know that GOD has provided away of escape from sin for us. One form of sin is negative thoughts, the I can’t or the but and sometimes the yets. For example, I can’t excel in school because I don’t want to be made fun of. I want a better position but I’m not qualified. I can’t do this or that yet because of this excuse and all excuses contain some form of lies. Everytime [can’t, and the words but and yet is used in a negative] most times than not sin is attached. This is called the sin of the mind. What we think eventually seeps into our heart and comes out of the mouth and then manifest itself.


  1. We are Free

You know each and every human ever born in the past, in the present and that will be born is a sinner. We don’t come out sinning but we don’t need a lesson in sinning either, it’s our nature and by the time we begin to speak our first willful sin is a lie. And it snowballs down the hill from there. We don’t commit every sin known to man but we do our fair share some of us do far worse than others but according to GOD’s measurements each and every sin is measured the same, there is no little or big sin. Sin is a sin. So what is the answer to our dilemma, JESUS of course, JESUS HIMself took each and every sin known and unknown to man onto HIMself, onto HIS body on that cross. So that we not HE but we can die to sin if we choose to live to righteousness because it is by HIS battered, beaten, bruised flesh torn from the back HIS body, that those stripes actually looked like one huge stripe (a gaping hole) that we are healed.


Genesis 22:8; Jhn. 1:29, 36; 1 Pt. 2:24


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