Exalt Pt. 6

I exalt YOU my LORD
Forever, YOUR Kingdom will reign KING JESUS

Psalms 18:46; 21:13; 34:3; 46:10; 47:9; 57:5, 11; 78:69

By now you should know where I am going and what we must do. I will write this in the personal and you should read this in the personal (first person). The LORD JESUS lives and HE alone is my Defender and my Rock. I will praise my GOD through proclaiming HIS salvation for all and acknowledge just how grateful I am that I am one of the saved! YOU, JESUS alone is my LORD Supreme and great is YOUR greatness, power, and strength!! Magnify the LORD JESUS with me through boasting in HIS name, this is how we exalt HIM!!!

Globally, we need to cease fighting one another. Be still and know that GOD is GOD, HE is Supreme in every nation. Instead of senseless fights and wars exalt The MESSIAH. Instead of being mad with people for their differences, exalt JESUS. We may believe through our thinking that mankind is the ruler of nations but truth be told it is not mankind but JESUS.

The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and I is still the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. GOD is most Holy unlike man’s many false gods.

JESUS is the MESSIAH (CHRIST, The ANOINTED ONE)! JESUS is GOD and HE sits on HIS throne!! JESUS is Supreme!!! Some of you are reading this and think that you are not able to exalt JESUS because of your circumstances and situations. But you can, take your mind off of you and place your mind on JESUS. The Word of GOD never once instructed us to seek first the kingdom of (your name) and all of our righteousness and all things will be added to us. No, we are instructed to seek first the KINGDOM of GOD and all of HIS righteousness and all things will be added to us. We have to exalt JESUS we have to get lost in HIS presence. This is a fact regardless of our choosing to exalt JESUS or not, people are still going to either like, love, or hate one another. People will still breathe fire at one another, the teeth of people are still going to be as arrows aimed at one another, and the tongues of people are still going to be a sharp sword dipped in poison attacking one another. I used to have such low self-esteem that I thought that everyone who was not friendly towards me was against me. When in fact most never even thought one way or another about me. I am certain you feel the very same way. But this should encourage you, people spoke about and still speak about JESUS in a hateful manner so you need to see yourself in great company. Also, why care how people speak about you or view you, know that JESUS sees you through the eyes of love and when HE speaks about you it is all in love. Right here is a grand place to exalt JESUS now that you have been made aware of that. GOD’s greatness is to be exalted towards the heavens. The temple of the Living GOD and HIS sanctuary was built by HIM to last forevermore, it is not going anywhere.


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