Chaos, it’s everywhere we look and listen. We don’t seem to be able to escape the chaos. But I write to you letting you know that chaos can be escaped. People who are looking for something, they may not know exactly what that something is, will sense something from someone different if you are not presenting chaos in your spirit as so many people of the world are. In a world of chaos people should be able to sense that you, the CHRISTian are different and depending on the quality of time people spend with you. Such as being employed with you or attending school with you that there is something very different about you. It should cause them to ask you just what is it?

A mature brother and sister of JESUS do not see the world as others do. We do not have the same conversations as others have. And our thoughts differ as well. Because of this, we have become and we are transforming into being purer because of our relationship with CHRIST JESUS. We want nothing to do with the chaos of the mind which will provide us with lies about what we think we see or what we hear all of which we begin to believe. We want nothing to do with chaos in people who are troublemakers, those who love to do whatever is evil. We want nothing to do with chaos in regards to law breaking of any type, we don’t make excuses. We want nothing to do with chaos anything that has a hint of evil attached to it. We want to be approachable not have the characteristics of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or all Mr. Hyde. At all times not that we look for it, however, it’s wonderful to have people speak kindly about us should we be spoken of at all. Our strength must always be truth and our truth must always be our faith in CHRIST JESUS which keeps us pure.

A true CHRISTian will love regardless of how he or she is being treated by others. Because the CHRISTian understands that the person has no idea that he or she is simply being used by demonic influence, doing what we all have done before coming out of the dark influence of death. Their un-pure spirit of death and darkness hate our pure Spirit of life and light. We will be kind and in most cases kindness will be returned, we are never envious of what another has or the achievements one makes. If anything we cheer for them very loudly. We don’t walk around as if we have it all together or we’ve made it. What we have we share with others, we teach others also how to obtain in the hopes that they too will pass on to others. We are not rude to be the fact that we can be correct about a situation or we can be in error. We don’t elevate or praise our own self, if others do so, so be it but our lips should praise the FATHER and JESUS alone. Now, I know you may be reading this and thinking that this is impossible or is a fantasy. But when people get on our nerves and people do and yes, we may want to punch people in the throat. When those thoughts come we must overcome all negative thoughts with positive words, not positive thoughts. We can’t overcome a thought with a thought. Do this test, have a negative thought, now speak a positive word. Did you hear a thought or did you hear your voice? Now, have a negative thought, and try to quiet a negative thought with a positive thought. What happened, the negative thought was still there, yes? When a negative thought comes either speak the Word in your hearing or speak the opposite of that negative thought in your hearing. This used to be me when someone who is hell bent on doing wrong and they are sentenced to prison I would say good for that person serves them right, they got what they wanted. Now, I say, FATHER, that person is somewhere that is controlled and limited, get to that person in there because though they are in prison there, they no longer need to be in bondage to satan. We should never know that our brother or sister in CHRIST JESUS is in need and not be there to go through that tough time with him or her. We must stop being a lone ranger and start being a family tie. The way we believe all things is not based on being gullible it’s based on us listening with our spiritual ears and looking with our spiritual eyes. We always have everlasting hope and it’s possible for us to endure anything through CHRIST JESUS.

Just as when in the natural before we received JESUS as our Savior we grew and matured we too must grow and mature in the spirit. We are at different ages which means we are at various maturity levels and also because there are so many brothers and sisters who do not study to show themselves approved of GOD’s Word they are man indoctrinated and not Holy Spirit taught. So those of us who are mature according to the Holy Spirit must without judgement upholds the weak in faith and not flaunt our strength. What I’m trying to get across if you are a visitor at their home and the dress code is a certain way, do so accordingly and it’s the same with food. As long as it does not challenge that JESUS is whom HE is and you all are on one accord with this. It’s all good.

Our hope is in JESUS not in manmade customs and traditions. JESUS HIMself is the One who purifies us and it’s through HIM that we are pure.  

Philippians 4:8; 1 cor. 13:4-7; gal. 6:2; rom. 15:1; 1 John 3:3



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