Will this guilty feeling ever leave me?

The answer is a big whopping YES! Most of GOD’s children continue to feel guilty for various reasons. Some that I am familiar with are the following.

  • You have not fully accepted GOD’s forgiveness.
  • You keep reminding yourself of the wrong you did.
  • You listen to someone else remind you of the wrong you did.
  • You are being taught incorrectly about the forgiveness of GOD.
  • You have not forgiven yourself.

One of the major studies of the Word I would suggest that each of GOD’s children spend time reading; believing; accepting; and receiving is forgiveness. We know that GOD has forgiven us but we don’t hold on to that concept. Many of us go from day-to-day getting hit by the enemy with the remembrance of our past. GOD said that we are made in HIS image and because HE no longer remembers our past; we should not either. We are to think as GOD thinks. When people remind us of our past we can either say; thank GOD that person is dead, I am a new creation. Or you we can say; because GOD no longer remembers that incident I don’t either. This comes in handy if people are using our past to condemn us but if we see or know of a person who is living a life in which we once lived. Because we can relate and know how to speak to that person in a way that will cause the person to listen. It will be great to share your testimony of your past and let the person know how GOD has delivered you from that particular activity that was once in your life. We must understand that we are now children of the Most High GOD and we have been saved through HIS SON; JESUS and because of this we are no longer under a law of condemnation. The Ten Commandments points out our unrighteousness. JESUS has given us a far greater commandment to live by which brings refreshment and life to us. Here are just a few scriptures to get you started on the study of forgiveness.

 Jeremiah 31:34

John 13:34

Acts 13:38 (we are found not guilty)

Ephesians 2:15; 4:7 (have = hold, own, possess)

Colossians 1:14 (we are acquitted of our crime)

Hebrews 8:12, 10:17

1 John 2:12

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