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November 6, 2020

Security is found in Wisdom – Proverbs 4:1

Calling out to all of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS! Yes, we are family and we have a loving, forgiving, kind, merciful FATHER that we want to learn from.  We all need to pay attention and listen closely to HIS instructions so that we may obtain the understanding that we need. 

  • Though we read that we are to fear the LORD our GOD. This does not mean that we are to be in dread of HIM, we are not to be scared of HIM, HE is not to be feared, and yet HE is.

When fear is shown in the scriptures about our fearing GOD it is written to express to us that we are to know that GOD is to be awed, wowed, given the utmost reverence [respect] and that HE is to be worshipped and HE is to be obeyed.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate where morality is declining and will continue to be so. In a CHRISTian home, we are to listen to the instructions of our earthly father, and we are not to reject the teachings of our mother. Do not rebel against them for they only desire the very best for their children. And, they should be instructing and teaching the ways of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.  For those who do not live in a CHRISTian home yet morality which is good in the sight of GOD is being taught listen to the instruction of your father and the teachings of your mother.

Notice how the father is to instruct, most often this is done verbally and the mother is to teach, most often this is done through demonstration. Why is this? Because males are pre-programmed [hard wired]  to advise us with information but it is women who are pre-programmed [hard wired] to nurture the instructions of teachings through modeling the lifestyle of what we are being taught by them both. Men and women can speak teaching until they are blue in the face but if examples of instructions are not being seen what we learn verbally will never take. We learn primarily by sight and this is why it is very important that mothers live a chase lifestyle. 

But, we do not see the person Wisdom so how may we gain the security that is provided when what comes across to us as instructions? Simple, read the instructions as being given to us by our FATHER. Then apply them to our lives and model them as demonstrated by JESUS with a change in our heart and lifestyle. It is through the application that we relate the Word to mothers who apply godliness before others as well as when she is not seen. Nurture the Word of GOD into our life it is then that we will begin to see the security in the Wisdom of GOD where we thought that we could never accomplish what HE desires in our life.

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