We all have a purpose, it’s coded within our DNA before we’re even conceived then born. Our purpose was given to us from the FATHER before HE even created mankind when mankind was still just a thought in HIS heart, our individual purpose that only we can carry out was within HIM before HE gave it to you.

Like JESUS we may find ourself troubled because of our purpose. But unlike JESUS we may not find ourself, unlike JESUS because of your purpose. What do I mean? JESUS left HIS throne with full knowledge of what HE had to do. JESUS had always known HIS purpose. JESUS had to leave everything behind, all that HE had known to fulfill HIS purpose. We are troubled by purpose, we may know that we are to accomplish our dream and vision or we know that something is gnawing at us but we can’t seem to get a clear vision as to what that is. But somehow when we do something that seems to give us a wee bit of satisfaction each and every time, we do not realize that this is the thing that we are to be doing. Because this is our purpose. Like JESUS we don’t need to be saved from our purpose, we want to be delivered into our purpose just as JESUS delivered HIMself into HIS purpose and thank the FATHER that HE did.

Purpose is designed for a single individual. You may want to take you homies with you but as I stated above, our purpose is placed within our DNA and it’s our purpose and no one else’s. The only thing we can do is pray to the FATHER and ask HIM to send to us those who will help us with our purpose. Let me make this real simple, JESUS had many hangers-on at one time and they fell away. Then he had twelve guys who remained with him but did not really know HIM. Out of the twelve one was a traitor and one was HIS best friend. Of the twelve JESUS chose three to share the most intimate details with and those three could not even heed HIS warning as HE went off to pray.

  • Purpose will teach us to obey.
  • Purpose will teach us to listen.
  • Purpose will teach us to communicate.

Our purpose will break us down and cause us to ball up in a corner at times and cry like a baby. Because it seems impossible, we become exhausted, we will want to give up, we feel empty. And for some of us, we take a long step back and all of a sudden we are renewed with hope. We come back fresh we are ready to face our purpose again, we’ve learned obedience in whatever area we had to learn it in, we learned to listen to what we had to listen to and we learned to ask and speak what was needed to ask and speak about to gain a perspective on our purpose. Our suffering is now over. We are being perfected in our purpose. We are learning to obey our purpose.

Now I’m admitting to you readers that this is really about our destiny, our calling, what it is that we are to be in life. An attorney, janitor, street sweeper, housekeeper, nurse, doctor, journalist, surgeon, apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher and the career purpose list goes on.

However, the most important purpose that we all have is the purpose to return back to the FATHER which chases us down relentlessly. Unfortunately, we turn a deaf ear to hearing the Holy Spirit calling us. It is our purpose to live with the FATHER, it is our purpose to be saved and delivered from hell and destruction which is never filled and the lake of fire.

Chose today to fulfill your purpose, it’s easy to know what your purpose is. Let me give you a hint.

  • It’s that one thing that we can do effortlessly.
  • It’s that one thing that we think of more often than anything else, morning-noon-night.
  • It’s that one thing that we study by reading books on that subject because that thing that we study is the thing we become.

Our Purpose.

John 12:27; Matt. 26:38-39; Heb. 5:7-9



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