The rainbow is not a symbol for perversion. The rainbow is a sign of the covenant promise made by GOD the FATHER for HIS created earth.

  1. The rainbow belongs and is owned by the Creative GOD.
  2. The Creator GOD is the One who brings clouds over the earth.
  3. The rainbow is seen in the clouds.
  4. The LORD GOD remembers HIS covenant.
  5. The covenant is between HIMself and all living flesh.
  6. The LORD GOD looks at the rainbow and HE remembers the covenant between HIMself and every living flesh on the earth.
  7. The rainbow is a sign of the covenant that the LORD GOD Almighty has established between HIMself and all living flesh, human and animal on the earth.

People have taken the rainbow and turned it into a good luck charm, we will never find the word luck anywhere in the Bible. Actually, what taught me many years ago to stop using the word luck was to think of it on these terms.





So how seriously should we take the rainbow? Very. Because it’s a contract provided to us by our Creator. Each time we see the rainbow in the clouds we should get excited because not only is GOD remembering but we should be remembering as well the promise made to all living flesh that the LORD GOD will never again destroy the earth and flesh by flood waters.

The enemy has taken the colors of the rainbow and has used them to symbolize a way of life that is filled with apostasy. The strategy for this is because he knew that using those particular colors would prick at the heart of the church but the church sat back and did not show up for a battle that was already won by their GOD and Savior. So everywhere we look, we now see those beautiful colors flying in the representation of a demonic lifestyle.

But I’m reminding you that the rainbow and its colors are from our LORD GOD and is a reminder of HIS covenant and that is what we are to remember.

Even when descriptions are given to us about JESUS and the nearness of HIS throne the description of the rainbow is given to us. Oh, you know I almost forgot about Joseph and his coat of many colors. Though it’s not given us the colors, this is my own perception, but I do believe that his coat held the colors of the rainbow. And last but not least the stones that were on the Ephod of the priest that represented the twelve tribes were the colors of the rainbow. So I believe those colors have great significance and when I get home (heaven) I will find out what it is if the Holy Spirit does not reveal that answer to me beforehand.

Genesis 9:13-17; ezek. 1:28; rev. 4:3, 10:1


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