The Holy Spirit brought it to my attention last week that many of us do not know who we are and who lives on the inside of us.

If we were to leave America the home of the brave the country of freedom and the land of opportunity. Only to discover that everything that we have taken for granted only because we were born here and do not know how the other world lives. We would be quick to yell, “I’m an American” and will do so with pride. Why is this? Because America has instilled within us all her beliefs of patriotism or at least she once did and we took those to heart. Because we understood and respected them with great reverence. As an American, I know that I have all the rights which are my birthright to have because I am native born. We have even reached a point in our history that a female can become President of the United States of America, so I qualify age wise and gender wise. There is absolutely nothing in America that I am not allowed to do freely with the exception of breaking the law and I don’t want to do that anyway.

It’s the very same way with being a CHRISTian, I have a birthright. I’m no longer qualified to be considered native born because Adam gave that right away to satan. But I have been adopted which means that I have all the exact same rights as a natural born citizen and a natural born DNA member of the family. I qualify for everything offered, I even have an inheritance that I don’t have to wait to die and get. I had to put that in there because religious people believe that you have to die to get to that sweet by and by to get yours. Well, I’m enjoying mine now. JESUS died the New Testament/Will/Contract was invoked, so I’m enjoying them.

So, tell me what is the difference between being a CHRISTian and being a Christian? I’ve written in previous blogs over the years that many Americans believe that they are Christians only because they were born here in America, they belong to a certain denomination of church and or because of their upbringing in the home. But this is a great error in your understanding.

A CHRISTian is a human being CHRIST like. CHRIST which actually means Anointed One and HIS anointing. This human being has an active relationship with JESUS based on nothing of human effort, everything on faith, forgiveness from the FATHER, the shed blood of JESUS, grace, mercy, love and communication between JESUS and the human. The Christian, on the other hand, is religious, they stand firm on rituals, they are miserable, they pick and choose what they will believe in the Word of GOD and if they do read their Bible they constantly read the Old Testament/Will/Contract where they will never see JESUS plainly so they can find out who HE is and who they are. They are critical and judgemental of others but never see their own faults and ask JESUS to work on themselves.

Well, that’s just a little about a CHRISTian and a Christian, I really did not come to write about that today. What I would like to share with you is about being raised up in CHRIST JESUS. Hmm, maybe that’s why I had to write all of that beforehand.

Have you heard that GOD is a Spirit and those that worship HIM must worship HIM in spirit and in truth? What this is explaining to us is that GOD does not speak to our flesh and we can’t communicate with the FATHER via our flesh either. We must communicate to our FATHER using our true identity, our spirit. And we will not be able to communicate with our FATHER in truth if truth does not reside there. So how does or when does truth become resident within our spirit? The moment we by faith, receive the gift of salvation from JESUS. Truth is, JESUS did die on a cross which was at that time corporal punishment, had it been today, HE would have gotten a lethal injection. But it’s also truth that JESUS by the Holy Spirit which JESUS released so that HE can die. Arose from the dead! Now, you are going to have to pay attention here.       

Which means that we rise from the dead! Not only when we close our eyes and we are eulogized. I mean the most important resurrection that will lead to the ascension with JESUS. The time when we by faith receive the gift of salvation, we too arose from the dead. We too were arisen by that very same Spirit that got JESUS up.  Our spirit man got up and began to breathe and move, and speak. This is why the scripture tells us that we have life in our mortal bodies. The true us was dead, we were dead now with the Spirit we are alive.

We are HIS anointed ones with HIS Anointing which translates to with all the very same power that HE had while HE was here in human form we now have. Nothing lacking. So when that Dr. gives us a negative report, fact, this is what all his/her test confirms but Faith confirms that JESUS already took all those little facts upon HIMself so speak that Word into your hearing until your spirit tells your soul and your soul tells your flesh and the flesh shows the Dr. by his/her test that you are healthy. So when everything around us seems to be going wrong and the fact is it’s our focus. Train your focus on the Word of GOD so that your circumstances will line up with the praise and thanksgiving you are offering to the FATHER for HIS faithfulness, thank JESUS that HIS Word is from everlasting to everlasting and that you can run to HIM and HIS Word to find shelter in your storms.

Stop being scared, know who you are. You are JESUS little anointed ones and you live and walk in HIS anointing because you have HIS Spirit living on the inside of you. We have been raised up with HIM!

Romans 8:11; 1 Corinthians 15:35, 52; Acts 2:24; 1 Cor.6:14; 2 Cor. 4:14; Eph. 1:20


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