Be encouraged!

If we are dedicating our daily tasks to the LORD GOD, we will reap a harvest.

If we begin each day asking the LORD GOD what is it that HE desires for us today, and we follow through, we will reap a harvest.

If we ask to have our spiritual eyes and ears open so that we may hear the directions of the Holy Spirit, we will reap a harvest.

If we are allowing the Word of GOD to direct our footsteps, we will reap a harvest.

Don’t or stop allowing ourselves to be weary (fatigued, tired) in the emotions and the mind.

When we follow the directions of the Holy Spirit we are doing good. It may seem as though we are wasting our time but nothing is further from the truth. Our dedicating our day to the LORD GOD and following HIS directions through actions and speaking is our sowing where we are in the present. We must continue to see in the spirit and take our natural eyes off our environment. In due time we will see that which was sown because we obeyed the voice of the LORD GOD. We will get to see the harvest that JESUS desired for us to plant.

So don’t become or stop being discourage about what you see and hear and most of all stop listening to the devil when he tells us that we are wasting our time. We are not! Remember this from me, each and every negative thought that infiltrates our mind is not from JESUS. Everything that does not line up with the Word of GOD is from our enemy. Remember, he may speak to us in part the LORD GOD’s Word but he will always leave out the context. Our encouragement and promise are found in the context and only if and when we listen to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit will we get the understanding.

Galatians 6:9


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