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Be A Testimony


We are to be living testimonies in the eyes of everyone within our home, community, school, workplace, church, or wherever people are that will know us by nothing more than sight. People are more proned to watch how we conduct ourselves in public if they are not privileged to know us privately. Yet, our private life is just as important because what we do when the eyes of the public are not upon us reveals who we truly are.

None of us can obtain anything positive unless GOD gives it to us. I need to make this clear, GOD will never put in your hands anything that will cause us bodily and emotional harm. Everyone is known by their testimony be it negative or positive. Our testimony is not always based on what we speak, our testimony is also based on what we are known to do.

Those of us that possess the Light of JESUS are set apart from those who are still groping in the dark. We have the MESSIAH within us but that does not make us the messiah as there are many false messiahs in this world. GOD is the only ONE who can send us to those that need to hear about JESUS. Understand, any person that is void of JESUS needs to hear about JESUS and we must invite people to JESUS. But we will know those that we are to speak with because the desire for us to open our mouths and speak will become overwhelming. If we obey the Holy Spirit, He will give us the words that we are to speak and we will either be planters or waterers, and should the increase manifest itself at that moment we can take no credit for what GOD has done but we can be joyful that in our obedience we gained another sibling in the Kingdom of GOD.

Take me seriously as I write to you saints of GOD, we must not just say “HE must increase and I must decrease” and we continue to live and speak any type of way. No, we must mean what we are saying “JESUS must increase and we must decrease”. We must submit our flesh to the Most Holy Word of GOD, we must deny its cravings, its desires, and obey the Word of GOD. We find what the FATHER requires of us when we study the Word of GOD and apply that to our lives and we must speak first to ourselves until we believe what the scriptures are teaching us before we can speak to others.

This is why our testimonies go up and down or are not delivered with conviction. Because we are earthly and we have not submitted ourselves to the citizenship of heaven. We continue to live by our earthen principles rather than our heavenly. None of us will speak about matters that we do not know intimately and when we do try to speak about matters that we do not have a clear grasp on, people can tell that we know nothing of the subject matter. When we speak of our spouse and children we speak what we know because we have an intimate knowledge of them. No person should be able to speak about your spouse and children as if they know them better than you. We gain this intimate knowledge of them by living in harmony with them, we speak and listen to one another, and we spend quality time with one another. This is how intimacy is developed and grows. And this is how we must become intimate with our FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Ghost.

Out of our intimacy develops the confirmation that GOD is Truthful. And when we speak GOD’s Word which is our testimony we are revealing to others that the Spirit of Truth is full within us, we will share the FATHER’s LOVE for JESUS and the LOVE JESUS has toward us. The FATHER has placed everything in power into the hands of JESUS.

Those of us who believe in JESUS know that we have eternal life so why would we want to keep this to ourselves, we should want to share this with everyone. Not like a lunatic because this will put a barrier up between you and the person you are trying to speak with. Look for open doors and windows when people either speak with you first or you witness situations where you can be a help and speak about JESUS with them. Always, look for opportunities not victims of you possibly looking and sounding weird or a nuisance.

Just speak on behalf of the truth. Do not embellish. GOD does not need us to tell others about JESUS but HE chooses us in the hope that those who listen will be saved by our testimony and the blood of the lamb, Rev 12:11.

I believe that at a bare minimum ninety-nine percent of the world’s population is familiar with “For GOD so LOVED the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON so that everyone that believes In HIM will not die but have eternal life” John 3:16. The key here is beliefs. Why is it that people are familiar with the scripture but do not believe the scripture? Because our testimony is foul. We live and speak just as the world does so why should they believe that they must believe in JESUS and do as HE says if we are not doing as HE says. We are not living and speaking as though we have been set apart. Why are we judging people when the FATHER did not send HIS SON JESUS into the world to judge us? Look it is simple, while we were or are yet sinners/non-believers in CHRIST JESUS we are already under the FATHER’s judgment. No one needs us to tell them that they are living outside of GOD’s best for us. We all are aware of that. This is why we will hear people tell us that they are too bad, or that we do not know all that they have done, or they must get right before coming to GOD. See they know, the problem is we are not showing them GOD’s LOVE, forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Look if GOD took you out of the darkness and changed you to the point that your life will never be the same. Why do we not exhibit this to everyone else?

We the children of the Living GOD once walked in darkness and shadows believing that this was normal to the point that we were unaware that we were living in hellish conditions. But then the day came when we saw a light and we began to move towards that unknown light. The closer we got the more we began to realize that we were coming towards the LIGHT. We began to feel condemned, guilty, and ashamed for who we are as sinners, and after experiencing just a droplet of JESUS LOVE we wanted more and began to believe in HIM and HIS Word and works. We wanted more and more is what we received. Now we live in the LIGHT of JESUS and people can see that LIGHT when we are the genuine article of faith. Pseudo-Christians/carnal Christians do not bear this LIGHT because they are religious, legalistic, judgmental, and do not know the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS intimately.

We will never go wrong when we realize that JESUS is our Servant Leader meaning that HE humbles HIMself low to be and do what most people find beneath them. HE demonstrates to us how we are to show the world that we are HIS disciples. Not just in words but in words and deeds. The great task that JESUS fulfilled is that HE restored to greatness the people of Israel which includes us because we are being transformed into GOD’s chosen people, yes, we are Jews. We survived and continue to survive what satan and his cohorts throw at us. JESUS is our LIGHT of the nations so that the world may be saved. Notice that I did not write people. This world will be saved it was saved once from the great flood in Noah’s day. And it will be saved again, after all the New Jerusalem will descend upon this world and it cannot do this if the world is still under satan’s control. Rest assured there are more of us who believe in JESUS than there are those that reject JESUS.

So be trained and developed in the Word of GOD of how to become a living testimony about JESUS and live in the power that you possess in the Holy Spirit. Each day of our lives is a day that we can inform, inspire, and invite someone to come to JESUS today. Be encouraged and encourage others through the Word of GOD which is JESUS.

John 1:7-8

Reference Scriptures: John 3:25–36; 5:33–35, Is. 9:2; 49:6


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