Redeem – Galatians 4:4-6

But when the fullness of the time had come, GOD sent forth HIS SON, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. And because you are sons, GOD has sent forth the Spirit of HIS SON into your hearts, crying out, “ABBA, FATHER!”

Everything that GOD does is in perfect time. HE is the fullness of time. In perfect time the FATHER GOD sent the world HIS only begotten SON who was born of a normal everyday woman. Mary is her name, she is a descendent of King David and before JESUS was born; she was a virgin. However, Mary was as we all are a sinner. The scientific fact that most don’t realize; what you should have been taught in science or biology that women do not attribute their blood into the unborn child. Every ounce of blood comes from the father. This is why JESUS was untainted by sin; HIS blood came directly from The Most High GOD; who is HIS FATHER 100%. Now most people think that the New Testament begins with Matthew chapter 1 verse 1. When in essence if Matthew is going to be the New Testament then the true chapter for when the New Testament begins is Matthew 27:45. The Law of Moses was written and spoken to Moses according to the book of Exodus 24:12. JESUS redeemed all of us who are under the law if we believe that HIS new will / New Testament is a far better will / testament than that which only condemned, cursed and brought about death to us. JESUS New Testament does not condemn, curse or kill us but shows us grace and mercy. HIS testament delivers, forgives and teaches us to live in HIS fullness. We are encouraged to love and to show mercy towards our brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS. Once we accept JESUS completely and fully; meaning that HE is the only begotten SON of The Most High GOD. That HE is GOD in the flesh; that HE is the redeemer; that HE is the Savior; the long awaited MESSIAH who came and now we are awaiting HIS return. Then there is no reason why you should want to continue to live according to the law or the Ten Commandments knowing that we have been redeemed from them. Besides, when we walk according to the New Testament we will fulfill all the Ten Commandments. We can also speak as JESUS spoke when HE always said “MY FATHER” the only time JESUS ever referred to The Most High GOD as HIS GOD is when HE cried out on the cross and when HE was telling Mary Magdalene to go and tell HIS brothers (the disciples) that HE was ascending to HIS FATHER and HIS GOD. So when we can truly say that JESUS is our Savior and that HE is LORD because we have acknowledge that JESUS spilled blood saved us and redeemed us from the curse of the law. Then we can say without guilt that GOD is our FATHER because we have been wonderfully adopted. Go check the law here on earth; find out that an adopted child is no different than a child born biologically within the family. There is no difference. If parents have an adopted child first then have a biological child all the rights and privileges that a biological first born are entitled to belong to that adopted child. Adopted kids are rightful heirs just as if they have the same blood running through their veins as a biological child. Now our adoption is totally different regarding blood line. You have to believe that your blood line is changed and that you have the same DNA as that of JESUS and that your blood comes from our FATHER GOD. After all JESUS said that HIS FATHER is our FATHER (Jn.20:17). And because HE is our DAD; HE gave and sent the Spirit of HIS SON; The Holy Spirit to us so that we can cry out, yell out, shout out from our hearts ABBA (Jewish translation for father) FATHER.


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