Are you, Mary or Martha



This is how we find out which of the two sisters we are more like. What or who do you consider to be more important than spending time with JESUS? Our lifestyle tells on us all the time, the games/part that we play in the presence of others cannot be played out for a lifetime when it is false. Eventually, our true self will come through.

GOD could care less about our following demanding rules that are unbearable to obey continually. The Israelites failed miserably with that and so do we and so will the generations behind us. What is most important to CHRIST JESUS is that we allow HIM to transform our heart so that we will want to obey HIS moral commandments and rules. In order for HIM to give us the heart transplant that we all require is first we must willing desire to have the surgery and we make this decision with the heart that we possess now and then we must say in an audible voice that we want the surgery. Is this not what we must do when our human doctors inform us that we need surgery? He or She will give us our diagnoses and then he or she will inform us that surgery is required. After, they have shared all of what we must be informed with they ask us if we want the surgery or not. Some of us will say a resounding “No” while others of us will say “Okay/Yes”. Most surgeries will cause us to be better in that area whereas when JESUS performs surgery on us we become better instantly. Though it is an instant change due to receiving our heart transplant, we must be taught through HIS Word who we are in HIM and to continually learn the true nature of our FATHER, GOD.

Spending time with GOD is not done on the one designated day of the week that you will attend worship service or Bible study. Spending time with GOD is parallel to spending time with our parents, our spouse, our children, and other family members and friends. It is an intimate relationship between you and the FATHER.

Mary and Martha are the sisters of Lazarus, the guy JESUS raised from the dead. Mary has focused on the best, spending time with JESUS while Martha has focused on the good, performance which will always become a distraction from the best. Comes across as a contradiction to most but in scripture, we will find out the difference.

Luke 10:38-42 First, we must welcome JESUS into our home which is our heart. Then we sit at the feet of JESUS to spend time in HIS Word as we listen for HIS voice we will experience being worry-free. It is impossible to hear let alone listen to the Words JESUS will want to share and teach us when we are distracted. When we are distracted from our purpose we begin to murmur and complain believing that no one is doing what needs to be done but you. We magnify the problem rather than the solution. This is why so many saints are experiencing anxiety, fretting about things that they either have no control over or that can be handled after spending quality time with JESUS. More than likely after spending the much needed time with JESUS we will find that those things that we magnified as being a bother really are not. Those many things that we make such a grand deal about are not what is important or needful to us, what is important however is the fact that we do need JESUS and HE will not be taken away from us nor can HE once HE has been welcomed into our home/heart.

Ps. 27:4; Jhn. 6:27


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