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September 2, 2020

The Holy Spirit causes-1 Corinthians 12:3

The Bible is consistent with how we are to know if a person has the Holy Spirit living within them. It is impossible for anyone who is baptized in the Holy Spirit to deny JESUS the CHRIST, it is impossible to call JESUS cursed, and it is impossible to confess that JESUS is The LORD without possessing the Holy Spirit.

Flesh and blood [the carnality of mankind] will never reveal just who JESUS is. JESUS is revealed to flesh and blood [the carnality of mankind] by the FATHER. The Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth will tell us that JESUS is The CHRIST/MESSIAH/Anointed ONE. That JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD. And it is through this revelation that we become the true living epistles [the church] which belongs to JESUS. And no one, and no thing be it on earth, or beneath the earth will be able to overcome us because in CHRIST we are overcomers because JESUS overcame.

There are times when we will be going along our merry-way when we will pass a stranger and our spirit will recognize that the person we just passed by houses the Holy Spirit as well. Then there are other times that we will only recognize that our siblings in CHRIST have the Holy Spirit living within them through conversation. 

Anyone who wants to speak to us about religion and or God finds out first whether or not they are willing to tell us: 

How did JESUS come and who is JESUS. 

The person who does not belong to The FATHER, The WORD/JESUS, nor the Holy Ghost will be unwilling to make this bold confession. 

This is how we all recognize the Spirit of the Living GOD within another person: 

Every spirit that willingly confess that JESUS the CHRIST came in the flesh is of GOD. 

And every spirit that is not willing to confess that JESUS the CHRIST came in the flesh is not of GOD. Do not let them off with just saying Jesus or christ because the name of Jesus is a common name depending on the culture, there were other males before JESUS virgin birth and during the time HE was here on this earth as Man that was named Jesus.

But there is only ONE true MESSIAH the Anointed ONE. And there are many christs who are pretenders and because of their pretense they are false. JESUS is The CHRIST/Anointed ONE/MESSIAH born of a virgin, crucified, buried, raised, and seated. HE is Alive! And HE is coming back for HIS own.

Understand this my beloved, that there were then, there are now, and there will be antichrist. So, how are we to recognize those who are antichrist?

  • They are in pursuit of what JESUS has; HIS throne and authority. To be known as the Most-High GOD.
  •  They will try to exceed who the CREATOR of All is. To discount GOD as CREATOR.
  • They are antagonists, competitors regarding HIM.
  • They are pretenders of the faith, religious, left who should have been their first love.
  • They will deny that JESUS is the CHRIST, will deny the FATHER, and will deny the Holy Spirit.
  • They are deceivers who will not confess that JESUS is the CHRIST and has come into the world already. They will deny HIS virgin birth. 
  • They will claim to be god and are worshipped.
  • Anyone who uses the name of GOD as profanity, and will speak against the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit [blasphemers].
  • They will be able to perform through copying miracles.
  • This beast will be able to return back to life after being killed with the sword through an erected beast which will be called god. People will be amazed at the sight of this and will begin to worship him.
  • For three and one half years this antichrist will rule with full authority.
  • The antichrist will rule the world’s economy.
  • The antichrist will desecrate the temple of the Living GOD [buildings set aside for gatherings to worship the Living GOD openly].
  • The antichrist will try to destroy Israel.
  • The earth’s army will wage war against the armies of GOD.
  • The antichrist is going along with his followers to the lake of fire for eternity. 

The Holy Spirit will never cause anyone who belongs to JESUS the CHRIST to partake in anything pertaining to the antichrist.


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