Every single person on the planet needs to have a heart and spirit regeneration. All of us need to have our heart renewed in the likeness of JESUS. Is there any who are guilty of this saying? “JESUS knows my heart or and I love the lord or JESUS.” What’s wrong with this saying are the following;

  1. JESUS does know your heart, the thing is this, you don’t. You have not come to the knowledge that the heart is sinfully wicked and in need of a Savior.
  2. If you truly loved JESUS, you would have received HIM into your heart so that your spirit could be born again into the image of CHRIST JESUS. You would want JESUS to truly be your LORD and not your lord.

If JESUS is not our greatest affection, if our heart has not been changed from our natural hatred towards receiving JESUS and obeying HIS Word, from being enemies to becoming friends and from malice to love, then we are not regenerated. JESUS will reproduce within us HIS character and integrity by becoming born anew, renovated in our heart and changed from a natural being to a spiritual creation within HIM.

The love of GOD was shown to the world through the kindness of the Savior CHRIST JESUS when HE came to earth in human form. There was or is nothing we can ever do by works that will get us into heaven to see our Holy GOD and Creator. We have no righteousness to perform such a task. It’s only through the grace, mercy, and righteousness, of the Savior CHRIST JESUS that we will be washed clean and renewed from our sin and saved of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is poured out on everyone abundantly who will choose to receive JESUS in faith as the Savior. This is our only hope of becoming justified by the grace of JESUS so that we can become complete heirs according to the hope of the eternal life promise given to us.

There is nothing in the law including the Ten Commandments which is the law as well that we can do with our own self- effort that will justify us in the sight of GOD.  The law including the Ten Commandments shows us just how sinful we are without the help of JESUS. If you don’t believe me use the natural law as an example, if you are a driver and the speed limit is posted as such and such, yet, you go over the speed limit. Are you obeying the law? Pedestrians are required to walk within the pedestrian walk path while crossing the street and with the traffic light. If you are crossing on a red light, do not walk signal or outside of the pedestrian walk path are you jay-walking or obeying the law? If you are to report to work from the start time designated to you and you are to leave at the designated time given to you, do you often arrive late or leave early without notifying your manager before hand? The last example, you are told that you must adhere to something that will truly benefit you but you don’t like what information you were given. Do you obey or disobey? If you can answer that you honestly follow all the guidelines without grace or mercy and you are successfully adhering to everything given, in the example by your own effort. Maybe you don’t need JESUS because the moment the Israelites said that they could do what GOD wanted them to do HE gave them the Ten Commandments to show them that they can do nothing without HIM.  

Titus 3:5; Ro. 3:20



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