0000256_doormat-brown_220Are you the type that is classified approachable? If not, it’s not a big deal. In a way, it’s a good trait to have and a bad thing to be overly approachable. We often find children with this characteristic until we train it out of them. We should be approachable but not in every circumstance. Most often, we give access to people that we are comfortable with rather than people who are strangers feeling comfortable to approach us. Case in point, some people will not just strike up a friendly conversation with others due to the fear that we have of how others will react towards us. Then, you have those who will just go out of their way to make others comfortable, will smile to those who pass by or give a friendly greeting. But let’s get away from how we are when it comes to giving access to strangers. What about giving access to family, are we friendly and transparent with our family? In most cases, it’s most likely that we are not. We may think that the way we are with family is normal but, within our family, we should be so transparent that there are no family issues that can’t be dealt with. No one should be any closer to us than our family, we all have the VIP admittance into our natural family that GOD has placed us in. And yet, for some in our own home, we are strangers because we lack having a relationship with one another. Bless the name of JESUS who has given to each one of us the access to the FATHER. Not needing anyone to go to the FATHER on our behalf because we can go boldly into HIS throne room ourselves.

It is through CHRIST JESUS that we have access to our heavenly FATHER as much as we want to commune with HIM. We all can experience the favor, goodwill, and kindness of the FATHER directly ourselves. The free unmerited favor bestowed upon all the children of the Most High GOD is known to us by faith and knowledge from our own personal experience with HIM. The FATHER’s divine influence of us renews our heart and restrains us from living our former lives of sin. Also, we have access to the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS which is applied to those sins of action that we just can’t seem to shake off us. This is where we experience HIS abounding righteousness over sin. CHRIST JESUS has reconciled all who believe in HIM back to the FATHER. It is because of our faith that we have access into the throne room of GOD and to sit on our DADDY’s lap to speak with HIM. Having access to the FATHER provides us with a liberal disposition, meekness, patience and much more which proceeds from divine influence. We have access to the promised and eternal life with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS, we have access to the Holy Spirit who gives to us liberally His wisdom with spiritual edification, improvement, and instruction. CHRIST JESUS is the door by which we have access to enter and receive the gift of salvation. We are no longer captives as we were in the dungeon of sin, where there is no rest. In CHRIST JESUS we have that rest that we so need, and we can go and come as we like. It is only the children of the Living GOD who has access to the FATHER by the Holy Spirit. We do not have a need to fear HIS presence as the Israelites did in the book of Exodus, therefore, we boldly have access to HIM. So, why is it that we have access to the FATHER? It’s all because of the Blood of JESUS. HIS blood is our key to enter HIS door to speak directly with the FATHER. No blood key, no access. The suffering that JESUS endured was for all of us who had no type of righteousness within us. This was a onetime requirement from the FATHER for us all, that anyone who will believe in HIS SON JESUS will have salvation and eternal life. And because we will be made alive at the beginning of our faith in HIS SON, we have access to GOD. We have access to the Almighty GOD who we should know intimately as FATHER because we are no longer far from HIM but have access to HIS presence.       

Romans 5:2; Jhn. 10:9, Eph. 2:18, 3:12, Heb. 10:19, 1 Ptr. 3:18


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