Reign – Psalm 146:10

The LORD shall reign forever—to all generations. Praise the LORD!

Why would this psalm state that the LORD will reign forever; if it were not true? Not only that but it’s made clear that HE will reign to all generations. In other words from the very first generation which were Adam and Eve to the very last generation that will be on the earth; whoever they will be. But even far more than that; before HE even created heaven; the angels; planets or mankind. The Living GOD who is the beginning and the end was already KING. And HE had and has the same Kingdom. HE is the fulfillment of Sovereignty; HE is complete as HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS KING ELOHIM. In HIS Kingdom are HIS royal inhabitants; namely HIS children; those who heard the call of the Holy Spirit as HE witnessed about JESUS. Those who answered the call by confessing that JESUS is all that HE is and more than that by faith we believe in HIM. As Sovereign Ruler we have chosen to obey HIM to the best of our ability and by complete strength in CHRIST JESUS. After all a KING does have subjects and I gladly serve my KING with a loyal heart and a willing mind. But I’m not a servant just because I choose to serve HIM; being a royal princess affords me the right to have full access to all the KING has. What servant that you know has full access to what his/her employer or master has? Even in your own home; your guess can only hear the conversation that you desire for your guess to hear; or they can only go as far as you will allow them to go. But a child or a family member can go and come at will; a child or family member can be with you at anytime without appointment. A child can ask and will receive not a servant. So to give you a very clear picture as to the Monarchy of CHRIST JESUS allow me to share with you what it involves. JESUS has dominion and rules over HIS realm. HIS period of ruler ship is from everlasting to everlasting. JESUS alone has sovereign power. JESUS is the one who is influential over my life forever. JESUS is the one who has complete power over my life. The authority that I have to win over sin is the authority given to me by JESUS because HE has authority over all. The LORD GOD has given to all of HIS children the rank and title of sovereign without having ruling authority. Remember all ruling authority is found in and comes from the Living KING. And I’m certain that there is more but for us to know this much about whom our KING is and HIS authority and who we are in HIM and our position within HIM is awesome in and of itself.  

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