A desire or want with an eagerness; earnestly to obtain or possess; in a good or bad sense. An example of having a desire to have eagerly is wanting the best gifts of GOD as written in 1 Cor. 12:31. A bad example of having a desire to possess eagerly is wanting those things that are owned by others such as their home, clothes, car, and dating friend/fiancé/spouse as written in Ex. 20:17.

In business, if those who possess the ability to promote an employee would use the principle of having people who are not covetousness over just being friends or liking another. I believe that businesses will be run with integrity. I believe also that when considering people to befriend, I mean those that are in our inner circle, we should want those who are not covetousness. When we pray we should ask the FATHER that covetousness not be found in our heart. As any sin we should love the sinner and hate the sin and those who covet are operating in sin. We all have the propensity to be covetousness however when we come to CHRIST JESUS this should have been left behind. How do we know that at one time or another we operated in covetousness? Because we all have dealt with people falsely. Precious people be they sinner or one who walks in the presence of our LORD and Savior have lost their lives in death all because someone coveted what they possessed. The life that we are born into which is the life of sin and being a sinner whether we act on these actions or not JESUS let us know what is within all of our hearts before coming to HIM. Our hearts are filled with evil don’t be fooled just because we actively do nice things or have a nice personality. Because without CHRIST JESUS we have within us the ability to think on and act on all kinds of evil which are within us all and has defiled us. Praise GOD the FATHER for HIS SON who took on every sin for us so that we do not have to remain the way we were born by natural effort.

So if we belong to CHRIST JESUS because we have repented and given our life to HIM through faith and the washing in HIS blood. Then we must lay down, turn our backs and walk away from being covetousness. Our life is fulfilled not in what we possess naturally but by who we possess spiritually and supernaturally. Whatever we desire to have not because someone else have it all we need do is ask the FATHER for it and by faith wait to receive what we have asked for. Dearly beloved, cease from being covetousness don’t allow it to be found in us any longer because we are the saints of CHRIST JESUS. We are to kill those evil desires and we do so by confessing that what we are thinking and have a craving to do has been nailed to the cross and we no longer have to give into our every whim.

As children of the living GOD, we must be content with whatever we possess. GOD knows what we have need of and HE is aware of those things we will like to have. If we ask in faith with pure motives for wanting to possess what we are asking for HE will provide. Be a good steward of our finances and not one who worship and has made money an idol. I have seen with my own eyes ministers who from humble beginnings spoke the living Word of GOD with fear of the living GOD. Now, they have watered down the Good News for the wealth they have obtained and yet, they are not satisfied but want more. Because of the covetousness that people operate in we all have been duped and exploited by the dripping words of deceit. And there is nothing worse than to be exploited by ministers who speak to us with coveted motives and because we do not listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit we dole over our finances for whatever cause they give us. It will always be my belief that whatever the head has must flow down to those who they touch consistently. If your spiritual leader has a mansion why are we living in a crime district? If your spiritual leader has not one but several expensive vehicles such as a Rolls Royce; Alpha Romero; Ferrari; Peugeot; Lamborghini; Lotus; and Porsche while we are riding the bus or walking this poses a problem for me. Unless we desire to live in an apartment building where the tenants do not respect their neighbors with noise coming from their apartment or the slamming of doors or liter in the halls or grounds then there is no problem. And unless we do not possess a driver’s license and we have no desire to own a vehicle again there is no problem. However, for those that desire to live in a better community and will like to own and drive their dream car. Why don’t the spiritual leader teach the congregation how to obtain wealth? No one that is a member of a house of worship should be struggling. But we are to not covet what others have either.

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