Luke 4:14-28

It scars

Since coming to CHRIST JESUS the one thing that has baffled me the most is this. Why do we reject one another with our attitudes and words? Why are we so hell bent on hurting one another? And then I noticed the key word that was found in my question. Hell, we have the characteristic of hell within us.

When babies are born; we are so excited and happy to have them. Then within months or within just a few short years of their precious life; we begin to reject them. Just for doing what is natural for them to do to communicate with us. We don’t think that we have to teach them everything; we think that they are to grow into the knowledge of knowing how to speak the language around them; to eat with utensils; to drink from cups/glasses; to walk without holding on to you or stable objects. To dress themselves and tie their shoes; we all take these things for granted because we’ve been doing them so long. But someone had to take the time to teach us all those things.

Then comes social skills; the child wants more attention either because he or she is not getting enough of it from the parents. Or the child hides away because he or she knows that they don’t want to be seen or heard and they are abused in some shape form of fashion.

Then we have the more notable rejection; we share what we desire to be in our lives; we develop well in a particular area; we shine in a capacity where we should be noticed by those within our home and encouraged by every single member within the home. But instead; we are thwarted away as if being bothersome. Then people outside of the home; neighborhood or community recognizes the gift and try to capture from the individual what we had in our midst all the while.

This happened to JESUS; HE had returned to Galilee and taught on a regular basis within their synagogues. HE was well received and praised for being an outstanding teacher with wisdom that baffled even the high priest.

When HE returned home to Nazareth; it was not so there. Now HIS beloved mother Mary and father Joseph they knew the promise but not in full. So they too were a bit baffled; just not enough to think HIM crazy. HIS brothers and sisters on the other hand more than likely did. I’m certain when JESUS would go off on HIS own to commune with HIS FATHER; they may have said; their HE goes again talking to HIMSELF; or day dreaming. They may have even asked their parents why is it that JESUS gets to go off and not fulfill HIS household chores much like they had too. JESUS may have worked side by side with HIS dad Joseph as a carpenter but as soon as work was done; HE got out of there to really get to the matters of about HIS FATHER’s business.

When JESUS was in the synagogue in Nazareth and given the scroll to read; HE was given the scroll of Isaiah. Now unlike today; we have set hours of how long we are going to stay in our ministry buildings. But then on the Sabbath; Jews dedicated the entire day to worshipping the GOD of Israel who brought them out of bondage.

JESUS turned to the specifics of Isaiah which is to proclaim who HE is and why HE is come.

  • The Holy Spirit of the LORD is in and on HIM
  • The Holy Spirit has anointed JESUS to bring Good News to the poor (miserable, unhappy, pitiable)
  • To set the captives free
  • The blind will see
  • The oppressed will be set free
  • The LORD’s favor has come

Now when JESUS sat down; the people could not take their eyes off of HIM. And I believe; no it’s because I know that because prior to HIS reading that passage which had been read countless times before. Never before had those words come to life as they had right at that very moment.

And the reason why those words; which were just words at the time had not come to life yet; is because. The Word of life had not yet breathed life into them; those words were prophetic; now they had become animated and tangible. Now you can encounter those words with human senses. It’s no longer something to hope for; it’s a present fact.

Although, they were overtaken by HIS gracious words. Nevertheless; when it’s all said and done, we have a tendency to have convenient amnesia. We will still question within ourselves or with others; isn’t that so and so from there or the son or daughter of them?

We will still want people to prove themselves for us; we want them to entertain us to our satisfaction really. But the LORD GOD will take what we don’t recognize away from us and give to those who will appreciate better.

JESUS forewarned HIS Nazarene countrymen what would happen and just like what is recognizable today. Anger arouse; jealousy; bitterness even to the point that they were ready to kill HIM. Now remember; they were all lovey dovey about HIM moments ago because HIS words came across graciously. Now that HIS words don’t sound so gracious; meaning that to them HE spoke in bad taste.

None of us are like JESUS before we take on HIS characteristics when we come to HIM. And by then great damage has been done to us; the scars of rejection is there. But today and everyday bless the name of JESUS those layers of scars soften and begin to lift and fall off. Leaving no evidence that they were ever there.

I’m asking you today; instead of hurting anyone else; including yourself. Will you stop rejecting and begin to accept people for their personalities. The LORD GOD gave each and every one of us a wonderful personality that HE wanted us to have for HIS desire and purpose. As a matter of fact I will share something with you that I want you to post on your doors, mirrors and walls; anywhere that you know you will see this daily. I know it will help you.

The LORD GOD redeemed my personality. HE doesn’t change my personality. Be who the LORD GOD made me to be and stop trying to be someone else.


Elder Shawn Denise Briscoe


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