I am happy to acknowledge that I come from a long line of family members who can cause people to laugh in an instant. My grandfather, dad, and uncles not only are or were great storytellers that just pulled you totally in but they are or were funny. My sister to me is hilarious and though my brothers are funny they have nothing on our sister. I have also been blessed to be in a relationship with a man who is a laugh a second. As for me, I missed that trait and the only people who seems to find the ability to yuck it up around me or when they hear something that I have done or said are my niece and nephews, my daughter, and my beloved. I never understand why they laugh at me often but I would rather cause laughter rather than pain.

The FATHER desires that we all have a cheerful heart and having a cheerful heart has excellent benefits. The most critical being our health. When our heart is uncheerful as a common character trait our bones will dry up meaning that the marrow begins to dehydrate. But when our heart is filled with cheerfulness our marrow remains hydrated, our thoughts remain positive, our words and actions are loving and positive. The fastest way to run off illness and negativity is to be cheerful. When I begin to feel negative or weak in my flesh, I watch loads of comedies and because I am laughing my mind is no longer on my current condition and before long, I am filled with cheer. We should surround ourselves with people who either have a gift to cause cheerfulness through humor or that we find to be cheerful through their character and integrity.

The song by Mr. Bobby McFerrin “Be Happy” is a superb happy song as is “Happy” by Mr. Pharrell. Yes, many songs cause us to be in a happy place as there are people, places, and television programs. I believe that most of our uncheerfulness is rehearsed when we give our attention to negative reports then hold conversations about them. Proverbs 18:21 teach us that the love of the fruit that we speak will either be life [godly] or death [satanic].

Making the decision day by day to be cheerful is our heavenly medicine and vitamin to supplement [work together with] our being cheerful in the MESSIAH. Without being in a blood-washed relationship with the MESSIAH it is impossible to be genuinely cheerful. How do I know this? From my own previous life experience, I was emotionally, mentally, and physically through being beaten for every reason with a fist, slaps, extension cords, wooden paddles, belts, and green twigs called switches. Often not only did I have major whelps but blood was drawn out. I grew up depressed and oppressed and married a man who also emotionally, mentally, and physically abused me. And in all of that trauma, all of that hurt and pain I was able to fool everyone except those I shared my life with. Those that I fooled thought that I had not a care in the world, little did they know that suicide was my constant companion. Little did they know that Goodmorning Heartache was my life. Little did I or anyone else know that I was dying from all the brokenness, all the strength that was sapped away from me, all the gloom that lived inside of my heart, and the broken spirit that I had.

But eventually, deliverance manifested because I was more than ready to experience the promises that were waiting for me to finally receive from the MESSIAH. And I have been cheerful and free ever since. You see it is possible to be saved and still in bondage when you are unaware that total freedom was not for the then people, for some people but all people. Being cheerful does not mean that we walk around giggling and laughing every second of the day but people should see cheerfulness upon our countenance because true cheerfulness manifests itself in the heart and everything in the heart will make itself shown and heard.

Proverbs 17:22


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