Wow, how sad is it when there is a home filled with unrighteousness? A child’s very first teacher is the parent but if the parent is filled with unrighteousness, how is the child supposed to be taught about the grace of JESUS CHRIST? The Word instructs us to remember our Creator while we are young. And I know for myself that many people don’t know who their Creator is because of the conversation I hear. They will use profanity with HIS character attached, you know it’s a two part violation of HIM that ends with a damn. Then I hear that nature is ruled by someone called mother-nature. Then there are the acts that we all are associated with. We are sinful so we sin, it’s our nature. No one ever needs to teach us how to sin. But none of us ever give a thought that everything we do, say or think GOD is aware, we can’t duck and hide from HIM. Even in our unrighteousness, so how do young people remember their Creator when no one in the house knows who HE is enough to teach the young people to remember HIM? The young become the old and those things that young people once liked will no longer interest them. They have lived a full evil and rebellious life and now they have become too old to find pleasure in them any longer.

As long as there is breath in our bodies it is never too late to come to JESUS. It is never too late to ask for HIS forgiveness because we are sinners and we lived our lives in total ignorance. There is a church on every block or two. Where I live in Washington, DC you can see a church on every corner or the middle of the block. So there must be someone in your community who attends worship service that your young one play or socialize with. And if your young children know of a neighbor who attends worship service and invites your young people, you too should attend. We commit unspeakable offenses and more times than not we lie to ourselves and to others by saying we need to stop doing this or we must clean up our lifestyle then we can come to church. That is a big fat lie from the pit of hell to keep you from hearing the Word of GOD. None of us are capable of cleaning up our own lives and because of this JESUS came and completed the redemption process for the entire world. JESUS is the One and only One who can erase; to cause the sinful nature to be unseen, forgotten, and destroyed. And get this, JESUS did not do this for our sake but for HIS. Let me explain something to you, satan accuses us all day and night each and every time we make a mistake once we have been cleansed by the blood of JESUS. We can hear him hissing his filthy accusations within our minds and for those who don’t know the power of forgiveness, who they are in JESUS and who JESUS is in us. Those are the ones who will no longer believe the truth or they don’t know the complete truth so they fall back into old habits. But I’m writing to you to let you know, JESUS is our defense attorney and satan is the prosecutor. JESUS is better than Perry Mason, Perry Mason did lose one case but JESUS never lose HIS cases. We will always be acquitted, we will never be found guilty because of the blood of JESUS.

Your guilt for your previous life is often being searched for by others. How do I know? Because people love to bring up your past especially your family and closest friends. Don’t listen to them, the old you is dead and buried or cremated and that is where you must leave your old created self and walk in the newness of your creation. When you listen to accusations, when you allow others to remind you of your old nature you will find yourself in agreement with them. Don’t allow anyone to find what is not there. We have been pardoned and we are well preserved.

Some of you have heard JESUS calling for you to come to HIM and you have ignored HIS voice. You are in a love/hate relationship with sin. Your sinful life is bright neon red but JESUS wants to wash you so that you will become white as fresh fallen undisturbed snow. As sinners our sin is a crimson color that has a tinge of blue, this color is beautiful on everything but human nature. But after we are washed in the blood of JESUS we will look like wool.

Look, it’s true that we all are conceived in sin which means that we are born sinners, we did not ask to be sinners. This is our inheritance from the disobedience of Adam. And because of this we are all guilty of rejecting JESUS. But JESUS will purge/ cleanse and purify by separating and carrying off whatever is impure in our nature. Please allow JESUS to wash and clean you today in HIS Holy never ending Blood. Receive JESUS today. So you may remember your Creator. 

Ecclesiastes 12:1; Isaiah 43:25-26; Jeremiah 50:20; Isaiah 1:18; Psalms 51:7


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