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November 20, 2020

Warped Self-knowledge and Self-wisdom – Isaiah 47:10

Most everyone has heard one of these old sayings “what does not come out in the wash will come out in the rinse”; “what is done in the dark will come to light”. Did you know that these old sayings are actually the washed down version of today’s scripture verse? And, the last cop-out excuse that I can think of is pretty much relative to our scripture verse as well.  “Everybody is doing it”. As I began to become bolder I finally spoke up about “everybody” because I never liked being thrown in with “everybody”. So, I began saying “well, I do not know who everybody is but I sure would like to meet him or her” or “my name is not everybody, my name is Shawn”. 

When we are children and we are being chastised we may use, “well everybody is doing it and our parents will come back with, well if everybody jumped off the bridge would you”? Eventually, this taught me to stop using everybody as an excuse and as I began to mature in CHRIST JESUS I threw out excuses because I found out that people who rely on excuses are generally liars. Excuses should not be an everyday occurrence in our lives and excuses are permittable in some not most cases in the order for them to justify and vindicate us. Such as; oversleeping due to a power failure, family emergencies, unusual traffic due to a mishap. Of the three excuses, I used to demonstrate where I am trying to go with this, oversleeping is the only one that carries with it consequences if a pattern of oversleeping has developed. Unusual traffic jams simply mean that the route you may be accustomed to taking which is normally free of traffic jams has one today due to an accident or road work that could have been avoided had we listened to the traffic report. 

Okay, moving on because you are intelligent and you get it. In today’s text of scripture, we are going to see what happens when people refuse CHRIST JESUS and die in their sin. 

The nations have heard and are hearing about CHRIST JESUS as the Forgiver of sins and the Savior. We are and have been speaking about this with family, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and strangers. But what happens to the ones who continue to rebel in their sins, what happens when what they thought they were doing was secret becomes exposed? 

Should the rebel who dies still being a sinner of their sins, their sins will be exposed. The god and master of sin, satan will be sure that his victims are found in the filth of their sins. As long as a sinner breathes and the longer they remain in sin they will lose their delicate and tender countenance as sin continues to increase within them. They begin to look haggard, old, and warn, much like the portrait life of Dorin Gray. Sinners have traded in their wedding garments for the milestone which was placed around their neck chasing and grinding that which gives them pseudo-pleasure. Now, in death, they have been uncovered, their secrets not only went with them to the grave [hell/the lake of fire] but they have made a show of shame to those who knew or thought that they knew. Some secrets expose themselves becoming evident while others may be able to remain hidden. Sin will drown all of its victims, sin uncovers all its victims eventually, and sin will expose their shame. 

Because of those who are rebellious, they have disregarded the fact that CHRIST JESUS the LORD of Hosts has intervened on their behalf, HE took vengeance for us all because HE alone is our Redeemer. CHRIST JESUS is the Holy ONE.

Sin takes its victims deeper and deeper into darkness and we believe the lies that GOD is angry. It is impossible to be angry and forgiving at once. But it is possible to be forgiving and loving at once which caused GOD to send HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS to us so that we can be saved from sin [not believing in CHRIST JESUS], sins [active lifestyle], death, and destruction [hell/the lake of fire]. Sin profanes the inheritance that is made available to the righteous and it is not that GOD does not have mercy on humankind but rather it is satan who is unmerciful and is causing sinners to be blind to the Truth. The yoke of bondage is constantly becoming heavier around the neck of sinners. And, for the most part, the fun of sinning becomes tiresome for some but they just see no way out, so they continue with what they know. Before the trappings of certain sins took over warnings were made available. You have eyes but did not see, you have ears but did not hear, you have a mouth but did not with conviction say “No”, and, you were given away of escape but did not take it. Some people have shared with me that the environment of where they were born is where they must die and what they see and hear has already been designed for them. What a trick of the enemy this load of malarkey is.

Everything that we accept into the heart is our truth, believing that we are no better than the family we are born in is not accurate. We do not have to be an addict, thief, murderer, rapist, drug-dealer, and so on just because this is the family curse. We are not the product of our environment just because the environment happens to be the place where we were born and are growing up or have grown up. Refuse to take notice and becoming lulled into insecure pleasures of life, consider the outcome. You may or may not escape once in. 

Sin does not disappoint when it lures its victims but it will disappoint once it has its victims firmly in its grips. Sinners are not unique and they most definitely are not secure, they will either lose what they have or never gain anything worth having. 

Unfortunately, we all are filled with pride, and pride is almost always cultivated from the early years of our development. I wonder, if we realized that the spirit of pride is actually witchcraft would we cultivate the spirit of humility instead? The lifestyle of pride is the abundance of evil spells. 

The sin of pride has made the sinner believe in their wickedness because if or when they are trying to hide their sins they believe no one sees them but those who are into what they are into. Today, the spirit of pride makes a spectacle of itself. Sinners have not considered that because they may be able to hide their sins from people sinners will never be able to hide their sins from the LORD GOD Most-High who sees and knows everything. No place is too dark where sinners do their deeds, sinner man you can be seen, and your deeds are fully known by GOD. Beware of the false gods that you worship, the idols which are hidden on the alter of the sinner’s heart. You are fooling yourself if you think that you have a genuine and great love for the LORD GOD who is jealous and will not share HIS glory with anyone or anything. 

No longer believe the lies that we are alone because this is only the self-knowledge and self-wisdom that we have which is warped, twisted, perverted, and turned away from the true direction.

Though the sins of mankind are great and terrible we can be completely washed clean from them. We can be moved far away from sins and we can become anew in CHRIST JESUS. Never believe the lie that what we have done or are doing is too great for GOD not to forgive us because HE sent just for you HIS SON, JESUS the CHRIST to take your full punishment, which included death. Sinners can be forgiven, you can be greatly loved, you can be totally accepted into the Kingdom of GOD. The LORD will not leave us as long as there is breath in our bodies because HE is calling out to those who are lost in sin. HE wants us all to be with HIM in the appointed time when CHRIST JESUS makes HIS return to gather up to HIM, HIS bride the church which is living epistles. 

Can you find what is wrong in this picture? AMFBeM

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