Repent or Parrish

Repent or Parrish

Luke 13:1-9; 15:7; Acts 26:20 and Revelation 2:5, 21 

Sin is sin; there is no lesser or greater sin. We must all repent or die in sin. Because we are sinful (Psalm 51:5) from birth; the possibility of our returning to sin is possible. However, because we have taken on the new nature given to us by JESUS it is impossible (1 John 3:9) for us to willingly sin. So how is it that we may return to sin? Easy, as we grow in GOD it is still possible for us to lose our temper; to have unconscious thoughts; to look too long at something we should not; to say something that does not bring glory to GOD and so on. Repentance is a daily requirement from us to GOD.

As people we are expected to be civilized; doing and speaking in a certain way. Before we come to JESUS we are wild and viewed by the world to be worthless and disposable. The Kingdom of GOD does not view us this way; JESUS is the gardener who will fertilize our lives with HIS Holy Spirit. GOD always views us as worthy and worth keeping.

So many people say that they found JESUS. This is an inaccurate statement; the Word of GOD informs us that (1 Peter 2:25) we are all like sheep going astray. So if we are the ones wondering off; we are not the ones seeking the shepherd because we left the shepherd. It is the shepherd who is JESUS that comes to find us. We are found by HIM when we repent of sin. Repentance is so very important that heaven is full of joy.

When we are instructed to repent and turn to GOD; we are also instructed to do works befitting repentance. It’s taken me awhile but I now understand what the works of repentance is.

  • love your brothers and enemies
  • forgive your brothers and enemies
  • be filled with joy
  • live in peace
  • be longsuffering as JESUS is
  • be kind
  • do good
  • be faithful
  • be gentle
  • have self control

As children of GOD especially in our young years (walk with GOD); we forget our own faults; our need for repentance. We become judgmental because we have allowed our perception to cloud our view of the lost. We grow impatient so we no longer are loving to the lost or to those who are in the faith when they don’t do or say what we think they should do or say. It’s crucial to understand that without love for people who we see it is impossible to love GOD who we don’t see                   (1 John 4:20). 

Repentance is to be sorry in your heart for your actions of sin.

If you willingly told a lie you must repent.

If you unknowingly do or give something to someone and it is against GOD and you later find out; you ask GOD to forgive you and repent; desire for GOD to take it away from your life.

There is one more step that is harder to do and that is to ask the person you offended to forgive you. This is repentance.

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